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10 Sustainable Resolutions for 2022

2022 has finally kicked-off – and for most of us, it is that time again to set our goals and resolutions for the year. This presents us with the perfect opportunity to not only better ourselves, but also our own impact on the planet.


With our sights set on a greener year ahead, here are some sustainable New Year resolutions to consider adding to your list:

  1. Ditch the plastic bag for reusable ones

    Plastic bags are well-known to be convenient, light, and durable–this is why it’s the go-to packaging for when we shop. However, as readily available as plastic is, it is not the most sustainable option. By switching to a more green alternative like paper or reusable bags—each household can offset about 8kg of Co2 emissions for every 5 plastic bags not used.


  3. Eliminate Phantom Energy

    Phantom energy, or more commonly known as vampire energy, is the electricity we consume even when our devices and appliances are idle and not in use. According to Meralco, vampire energy adds about Php 225 on average per each household’s electric bill every month.

    Luckily, you do not need garlic or a wooden stake to slay vampire energy! All we have to do is to unplug all devices and appliances that are not in use.


  5. Use Rechargeable Batteries

    According to a study from the University of Illinois, roughly 3 billion batteries are thrown away each year, with only a rough total of 350 million being sold annually. These wasted batteries not only contribute to global carbon emissions, but also affect your wallet in the long run as it requires you to re-purchase time and time again.

    By consciously buying items that require rechargeable batteries, we can slowly lessen our carbon footprint all while saving some cash.


  7. Donate unused or unnecessary items

    Instead of throwing away your old pieces of clothes, decors, or devices, consider donating them to shelters, local charities, or even relatives. This is a good way for us to make space for something new while reducing the carbon impact of household waste per year.


  9. Start composting

    Composting is a process of recycling organic waste such as our food scraps into fertilizing the soil for our house plants or crops. This process is a well-known practice within our local agricultural sector and some rural areas of the country for decades now.

    Composting our waste serves as a great way of maximizing the produce that we purchase and repurposing it as fertilizer for our crops or house plants.

  10. 10 Sustainable Resolutions for 2022


  11. Switch to E-Bills

    E-billings or paperless billings have now become a strong staple in our economy. This is due to the developments of the leading payment software apps, and advancements in online banking.

    With e-bills, we now have more control over monitoring and paying our monthly household expenses, all while saving roughly about 75kg of Co2 emissions from the traditional paper billing.


  13. Cook your own meals

    By cooking your own meals you are not only saving some coin by stretching out your budget for food, but you are also helping to lessen the carbon emissions of production, packaging, and delivery of take-out food.


  15. Barter trade of goods

    The trend of bartering items or goods during the last 2 years has picked up on a national scale. Local neighborhoods and cities like Makati, Cavite, Cebu, and many others have started social media pages that cater to trading anything from mobile devices to food pantry items.

    Getting into barter trading can not only help us get rid of items we no longer need, but also save on carbon emissions released from manufacturing and purchasing new items from the shops.


  17. Purchase your necessities in bulk

    Generally, purchasing your items in bulk can save you money and excess emissions by limiting your trips to the shops and, on occasion, getting bulk product discounts.


  19. Make the Switch to Renewable Energy

    In recent years, renewable energy has become more easily accessible and affordable! Did you know that roughly 25% of the total greenhouse emissions come from generating fossil fuel energy into electricity?

Consider making the switch to renewable alternatives like solar energy, to save on your monthly electric bill and lessen your carbon footprint on our planet.

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