The Eco-Conscious Valentine: 10 Ways to Sweep An Eco-Warrior Off Her Feet

10 Ways to Sweep An Eco-Warrior Off Her Feet during Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is one of the least eco-friendly holidays because of how much consumerism it promotes. Individually wrapped candies, stuffed polyester animals, and steak dinners all contribute to increasing the world’s carbon emissions and your personal carbon footprints. This year, consider a more eco-conscious Valentine’s Day with these easy and affordable gift ideas!


  1. Breakfast in bed

    A nice breakfast surprise always makes people smile. It’s a lovely gesture, and the thought and time that goes into it can’t be bought in any store! There may be no better way to start your eco-friendly Valentine’s day!


  3. Camping and stargazing

    Classic and romantic, finding a quiet spot away from city lights to breathe in fresh air and appreciate the vast beauty of the universe while spending quality time with each other is one of the most earth-friendly ways to enjoy the day of hearts.


  5. A hike

    If you and your loved one are outdoorsy, then going on a hike could be the best way to spend the holiday while getting some exercise too! Double-up on the eco-friendliness of the activity and clean up litter whenever you find it!


  7. A bike tour

    We tend to forget the beauty of the cities we live in because of the busy schedules we keep. For Valentine’s Day, consider becoming a tourist in your own city! Book a bike tour and see your hometown the way others do!


  9. A beach trip

    Perhaps not the most eco-friendly because of the necessary transportation (unless you live by the beach!), but you can turn this into an earth-loving activity by participating in a beach clean-up and making sure the organizers have a clear plan for what to do with the trash picked up at the beach.

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  11. Bean to bar chocolate

    Skip the processing plants and help local businesses while enjoying bars of deliciousness. Sounds like an excellent Valentine’s plan!


  13. Cooking session

    If you’re both foodies, what about a cooking session in your kitchen? There may be no better time to learn each other’s favourite dishes while working together in the most delicious way!


  15. A heartfelt letter

    When it comes to any kind of Valentine’s day a heartfelt letter trumps all other cards. It’s one that you can keep for years, and if you write it on recycled paper, even better for it’s eco-friendly nature!


  17. A plant

    There might not be anything more earth-friendly than a plant!! Plus it’s a fun project to have with your loved one!


  19. Eco-friendly wine

    Have you heard of biodynamic viticulture? This eco-friendly wine will have you enjoying your romantic day monocrop-guilt-free!

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