12 Sustainable and Energy-Saving Tips to Enjoy the Holiday Season

The holiday season is here, thus it is also one of the seasons where our carbon footprint and expenses are at the highest! Here are 12 tips that could help you make your holidays more unique, fun, cost-efficient and sustainable!


  1. Think twice before using your air-conditioner
  2. Since the holiday season tends to be cooler in a tropical country like the Philippines, save energy by reducing the usage of our air conditioners and stick to using a fan. 


  3. Digital Greetings
  4. “Contactless” interactions have been defining the world we live in for the past few years, with a majority of banks, wallets, and stores transitioning to digital transactions. Hence, the birth of digital greetings! Give an e-gift in the form of an e-ampao from G-Cash;  in-app gift vouchers or digital greetings. 


  5. Celebrate with reusables
  6. Holiday seasons are filled with Christmas parties, and family gatherings. Save money, and the environment by using reusable household and party items such as cups, plates, utensils and table fixtures. 


  7. Simplify your decorations
  8. It’s no contest, there’s no need to overdo it. Also you could save energy by putting reflective or bright colored decorations that stand out especially when hit by your LED light bulbs. 


  9. Unplug unused appliances
  10. Unplug all unnecessary appliances such as controllers, microwave oven, toasters, etc. As these are the types of appliances that consume unused energy also known as phantom energy. 


  11. Maximize your festive cooking
  12. Baked goods are one of the most cooked food during the holidays. Why not maximize your energy efficiency by baking multiple similar dishes at once.


  13. Stock up on your holiday supplies
  14. Speaking of festive cooking, prices of holiday themed food tends to go up once the holiday season nears. By purchasing ahead of time, not only you will save time, but you can save energy as well, since filling up your refrigerator will help the compressor work less, meaning less energy consumed. 


  15. Use a sustainable gift wrap
  16. According to EARTH911 about half of the produced gift wrappers worldwide end up in landfills, and gift wrappers are printed and produced with unsustainable materials which makes it non-recyclable.


  17. Consider an Eco-Friendly Holiday Travel
  18. Throughout the years, more and more countries have been emphasizing on eco-tourism spots, or communities that practice environmentally friendly tourist activities.


  19. Make the switch to LED
  20. Consider Using LED lights on your decorations and lighting, not only it glows brighter, but it also helps you save a lot of money from energy cost and helps you save the environment. 


  21. Get creative with your holiday decorations
  22. Try working on your crafts and skills by creating your own festive decorations from recycled materials. May it be a star parol made out of neon bottles, plastic straws and more. This will not only give you more bonding time with your friends and loved ones, but you could also save energy, money and the environment all at the same time.


  23. Make a checklist
  24. Not only it will not help you forget the listed tips above, it can also help you save time and money in doing so, since it will push you to either purchase all listed items, or save you the extra carbon footprint of making a second trip back from forgetting your checklist.

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February 28, 2023

It is an excellent learning article that covers every aspect to make a thorough analysis on a sustainable lifestyle and how we can get benefited from sustainable options in real life in various ways, mainly economically, and environmentally friendly. With disciplined life and commitment to the environment, we can make this world a better place.


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