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12 Ways to Start your Week the Right Way

We’ve all had that sinking feeling on a Sunday night, that Monday is just right around the corner and that the weekend is coming to a close. With most of us still working from home, it can be all the more tricky to launch ourselves back into work mode at the start of the week. However, with the right tools to help kick-start our motivation and positive mentality, you can get your week off to the perfect start.


Here are our 12 tips to start your week right:

  1. Prepare on a Friday

    Monday is often a busy day – catching up on our workload after the weekend, setting meetings, and overall preparing for another full working week. However, planning ahead doesn’t have to be restricted to Mondays! On the Friday before, make sure that any work started within the week has been completed, and plot out your possible pending items in the next week.


  3. Avoid checking on work emails during the weekend or break

    Unplug and enjoy your weekends. As much as possible, turn your notifications off and avoid looking at emails as it will usually cause unnecessary stress, which can be dealt with in the office or during the workweek. Weekends should be reserved for family or ‘me’ time, so spend it doing things you enjoy–you’ll be amazed at how much of a positive impact this can have in the following week!


  5. Get enough sleep

    It can be tempting to stay up late and binge-watch Netflix after work, but compromising your sleep can cause you to be stressed and cantankerous the next day. By getting enough sleep you will notice a boost in your mood and productivity, whilst having enough leftover energy to enjoy other things during your out of office hours.


  7. Get your body up and moving

    This might not be for everyone, but an early morning workout or meditation can help boost your energy levels by 20% and overall get you in a good mood. By just putting in at least 5 minutes of this self-care routine within your day, you’ll have a happier and less stressed disposition for the rest of the day.


  9. Dress up even if you’re just at home

    Ever noticed that when we get dressed up for work, we feel productive and ready to conquer the day? It doesn’t have to stop now that we are working from home. Even just setting 1 day a week to get dressed up can put you in a good and productive mood for the rest of the week.


  11. Don’t skip breakfast

    To most, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. By getting your metabolism up and running, you can avoid a distracted or sleep-ridden mind in the morning, and focus on what you need to do for the rest of the day.


  13. Pick a playlist

    It is proven that music can instantly enhance your mood and boost your focus. Before you let the Monday dread and dreariness kick in, listen to your favorite songs while you get ready in the morning, or try Spotify’s very own #MondayMotivation playlist to pick yourself up.


  15. Review your week

    A top tip for a productive work week is to know and plot out what you’ve got going on. It is a best practice that first thing on a Monday morning to prioritize your tasks and make a list of things you want to achieve for the week to ensure maximum productivity.


  17. Grab some lunch or take a break

    Break up your day by grabbing some lunch with your family at home, or even set a virtual team lunch to catch up on life. By taking breaks during your day, you can help reset your mind and reduce the stress that you may encounter for the rest of the day.


  19. Make plans

    Get through your Monday by planning something to look forward to at the end of the week. You can do this by arranging virtual catch-ups with your friends or family, planning out a grocery run, or even setting a date for a wellness day for yourself. By giving yourself this little motivation boost, you’ll be excited to get through your week and look forward to the next activity planned.


  21. Avoid watching the clock

    Do you notice that when you watch a clock, time seems to take longer? Avoid constantly checking for time, as it will make your day drag. Simply keep yourself busy with activities so that the day will run quicker.


  23. Don’t live for the weekend

    Mondays can often feel like a drag if all you’re doing is waiting for the weekend to come around again. A good tip is to make plans during the week to help you get a break and to also give you something to look forward to.

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