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14 Reasons Why We Love our Solar Home System

This Valentine’s Day most of us will be celebrating with family, loved ones and friends at home. Now a day, we spend so much time indoors and at the heart of our homes, which is why Buskowitz Energy is here to share the love and help make your residence a more sustainable space with our Solar Home system!

Why would you love having your very own residential rooftop solar PV system?

  1. Solar Energy is free – The sunlight is your source of energy and it’s free! The moment the sun is up, your solar panels start to harvest energy. It will run your solar PV system all day, while the sun shines.

  3. No more high electricity bills – We are always worried that our electricity bill will increase if we use our appliances simultaneously. Furthermore, with the current work from home set-up and online homeschooling programs, you consume twice as much energy as you did before, meaning you have a higher electricity bill as well. With our residential rooftop solar PV system, you can save up to 60% off your electricity bill.

  5. It is an environmental-friendly – Going solar means going green. You are helping to save the planet! Solar energy is one of the cleanest sources of energy as  it doesn’t emit harmful gases. Consequently, it helps lessen your home’s carbon footprint. After operating for roughly one and a half years, the footprints used to install solar on your home will become carbon neutral and continue to lower your family’s carbon emissions day by day.

  7. Save immediately – A rooftop solar PV system is a cost effective technology. The  bigger the system size, the bigger the savings you get. A 5 kilowatt peak system can be installed and commissioned for 2-3 days only. Once your system is running, you can start saving after the installation.

  9. Savings. And more savings! – Harnessing from the sun can help you save from your electricity bill. But you can save even more with Net Metering, a program under Renewable Act 9513, which states that if your solar panel system produces more energy than needed, then your Distribution Utility will pay you for the excess power that your system has produced. That means, more savings!

  11. Great return of investment – Solar is a long term and a  secure investment. You can use the system for up to 40 years.  With the 20% efficiency of solar panels, you won’t have to wait too long to get your investment in return. The expected timeline for an ROI is within 3 to 4 years.

  13. 25 years of warranty – The average warranty of solar panels is 25 years. Your investment is protected and covered from manufacturing defects. It will guarantee you 25 years of performance and equipment. In addition, we have an online monitoring system to help track the solar production of your system.

  15. No more power outage – In the Philippines, we are often  hit by typhoons and other natural calamities which cause power interruption. With a hybrid solar PV system, you can use the stored energy from your battery. It will power your home without the support of your Distribution Utility.

  17. Less dependent from your Distribution Utility – Installing a solar PV system is one way to decrease  dependence on your distribution utility.  With solar installed on your home, you won’t need worry anymore of the unpredictable increase of electricity rates during the summer. 

  19. Low Maintenance cost – A Solar Home system is hassle free. Your system doesn’t need to be maintained often. Cleaning them a couple of times in a year will do. It’s easy and  simple to do.

  21. Solar Energy is renewable – Unlike fossil fuels, oil and other energy sources, solar energy will never run out. It’s always available as long as the sun is up. It can be accessed anywhere. It is sustainable and renewable.

  23. Create more job opportunities – Solar energy has a big impact not just on  the environment but on the lives of people. It helps contribute to the increase of job openings. From laborers, engineers to solar experts, solar in the Philippines has helped to create an opportunity for more Filipinos to get a job.

  25. Solar is easy – Buying your solar panel system is as easy as shopping. It’s one click away from your computer and mobile phones. Buskowitz Energy now offers an online shop where you can see and compare the prices of its Solar Home system to suit your household’s needs.

  27. Making a difference – You are setting a good example and a role model to your friends and neighborhood. You are making a difference not just by protecting the environment but also by protecting the future of the next generation. Going green and clean helps to slow climate change.

Are you ready to make the switch to solar?

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August 31, 2022

Switching your energy dependency to solar allow you to achieve the following advantages, however, its good to take note that switching requires quite the budget, good thing most locations offer grants on people who chose to live sustainably.

Taylor Abrams
October 27, 2022

I appreciate that you explained how utilizing solar energy can reduce your need for electricity. My father wants to install solar power in our home to consume electricity bills. Thank you for the tips on your article, this will surely be relayed to my father, thanks!

Lily Bridgers
November 15, 2022

I value your explanation of how using solar energy may cut down on your demand for power. To help us save money on our electricity bills, my father wants to buy solar water pumps in our house. I appreciate the advice in your essay, and I will definitely pass it along to my dad so he gets more excited about buying solar-powered appliances.

Buskowitz Energy
November 16, 2022

Hi Lily, thank you for your comment. Solar whether it’s in the form of a PV system or solar-powered appliances, is a great way to reduce our electricity costs at home. Not only that, but with the greater advancements in technology, other renewable energy sources will be more readily available in the future.

Lily Bridgers
February 2, 2023

It’s incredible to learn that solar panels often have a 25-year warranty so manufacturing flaws are covered and safeguarded for your investment. I will use this simple fact to convince my husband into having solar energy to light up our house for the years to come. I believe that having a solar installation company service our house will save us so much money in the long run. Thanks for all of this.

Victoria Addington
April 25, 2023

I’m delighted you highlighted that having a solar panel means you won’t have to worry as much if there are power outages because it can power your house without the help of your distribution utility. This would be a nice idea to try out because my aunt lives somewhere where blackouts are often. I’ll be sure to let her know about this and search for commercial solar panel installation services that could be able to assist her.

Lily Bridgers
May 16, 2023

You said that having solar panels means you won’t have to worry as much if there are power outages because they can power your home without assistance from your distribution utility, and I’m glad you brought it up. Due to the frequent blackouts where my aunt lives, doing this might be a good idea. I’ll be sure to inform her of this and look for business solar panel installation services that could be able to help her.

July 26, 2023

Your blog post resonated with me on a deep level.
It’s clear that you have a true passion for the subject.”


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