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5 ways to Live a Sustainable Lifestyle this 2023

A New Year is here and we are set for new challenges, wins, and changes. And though there are changes that are inevitable, there are also changes we can sign ourselves into to help us become better humans! As many people love to say, “New year, new me!”, isn’t this just the perfect time to list down your New Year’s resolution?

For this year, we came up with 5 easy ways to live a sustainable lifestyle this 2023:

  1. Move your body more this year!
    • It is that simple, by moving more you get to be healthier, and in turn, this could also help us offset our carbon footprint. Now that most of our important tasks revolve around technology which emits a carbon footprint, moving more by walking or biking helps you improve your physical and mental health, and according to studies, it could also help reduce health risks and weight management.
      The next time you’re off for a quick errand, instead of driving your car, take it as a chance to jog, walk, or bike. You’ll surely thank yourself for those endorphins!

  3. Bring your own cutlery when eating out
    • The good old plastic cutlery has been at the top of the chain when it comes to carbon emissions with over 100 million people in the United States using it every day. On top of that, due to its size, shape, and different materials used to produce it, it makes it even harder to be recycled—which accounts for only less than 10% of the plastic being recycled. What can we do to combat this? If you don’t like the reusable utensils available in restaurants and fast food chains, we recommend bringing your own reusable cutlery or opting for the up-and-coming wooden cutleries that are slowly becoming available in more fast food chains!

  5. Make a financial plan.
    • With the volatility in the prices of commodities, other goods, and services we’re experiencing, preparing a financial plan this year is important! As the saying goes, “A goal without a plan is just a wish”; so whether your financial goal this year is to have emergency savings, investments, or a sustainable vacation, you can only turn it into a reality with a plan!
      But how is financial planning sustainable? It is human nature to consume, when we have more we feel a sense of accomplishment. We feel we’re of higher status. And if you’re pressured to consume constantly, a financial plan can be of great help to remind you of your goals, and of what’s necessary to consume and what’s not.

  7. Meditate more
    • In a study done in 2012, only 8% of the adult population in the United States meditate. Meditating for the longest time has been used by our ancestors to achieve mental clarity and it is proven to show numerous benefits such as better sleep, enhanced self-awareness, reduced stress levels, and many more! 
      And while meditating to declutter your mind is one, do you know physically decluttering your home is also considered a meditation? If you don’t know how to start yet, check out this article by Boundless by Kara. Through decluttering, you become more conscious of your environment; of the things you actually love, and the things you need to let go of. However, instead of just throwing away the latter, it is best to donate it or sell it. That way the item gets a new home and a new purpose!

  9. Switch to renewable energy options or energy-saving appliances!
    • Been planning to switch to renewable energy, but are worried about the cost? There are affordable ways to start, like switching your old halogen light bulbs to LED light bulbs! LED light bulbs only consume 80% less than halogen, so it’s a much better option. Slowly replacing your old appliances with their inverter counterparts, will help you save more and be more sustainable.
      And if you’re willing to spend more, shifting to renewable energy through a grid-tied Solar Photovoltaic System is the way to go! Not only will you lessen your reliance on fossil fuel or other non-renewable energy, but you can also save more on your electricity.

As Eleanor Cummins said, “We must think before we act, and we must act even when it is hard”. Let’s take this year as a chance to think and act for our environment, and to act even more even when it’s hard. 
To learn more about how to live a life powered by the sun, or to make to switch to solar visit our website at www.buskowitz.com or you may reach out to one of our solar experts at info@buskowitz.com

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February 28, 2023

It is an excellent learning article that covers every aspect to make a thorough analysis on sustainable lifestyle and how we can get benefited from sustainable options in real life in various ways, mainly economically, and environmentally friendly. With disciplined life and commitment towards the environment we can make this world a better place.


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