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5 Ways to Save Money and Live Sustainably

There are many reasons why you should save money. Some save money to travel the world, while others do so to finally buy a dream house. There are those who hope to run their own business someday, while there are also soon-to-be parents who wish to invest for their child’s future. Whatever the goal and no matter the season, it is important to start saving money and live a self-sufficient life.

Here are 5 ways to save money and live sustainably:

  1. Start simple by storing your extra coins
    Gather your coins at the end of every week. Separate coins per denomination and store in different, repurposed bottles. Tally your treasure at the end of each month and finally re-count your total savings at the end of the year.

  3. Participate in the 52 week challenge
    Try to grow your savings by joining a money saving challenge, particularly the 52 week challenge. Save PHP 150 every day for 52 weeks. After one year you’ll be able to accumulate a total of PHP 50,400!  For other options, here are some popular money saving challenges. 

  5. Open a savings account
    Explore different kinds of banks. Inquire about their programs and thoroughly research about each one’s products and services. Will you be opening a checking account or strictly a savings account? What is the required maintenance balance? What is the interest rate extended and how much would you earn after the interest compounds annually? Be sure to make an informed decision before selecting your account of choice.

  7. Make an Investment
    Another way to save money is to invest. Investments could be availed through an online stock broker to purchase stocks from the Philippine Stock Exchange. Other alternatives include availing of a life insurance policy, or even investing directly with a company you believe in and can back. Some investments and savings can be made when buying a property. Allow your space to save and earn for you, whether you own a condominium with parking or a house and lot. 

  9. Go Solar
    Last but not the least, the fifth way to save money and live a self-sufficient, sustainable life can be achieved by powering your home with the sun. How can you save money with solar energy? Enjoy up to 60% savings off your electricity bill when you install rooftop solar on your residence, and connect your solar home on-the-grid through net metering. Experience hassle-free savings when you go solar, where saving money becomes as easy as simply living. When your home is connected to the sun, your energy consumption for the whole day is cut by as much as half and electricity generated from 6am to 6pm is covered by your solar home system. Going solar not only helps you save money, but can also save you from emitting greenhouse gases generated by your household appliances and everyday activities by offsetting the carbon footprints. 

Are you ready to start powering a self-sufficient lifestyle with your solar savings? Visit our shop page to view our Solar Home offerings, or click the “Get A Quote” button at the upper right-hand corner. For further inquiries, please do not hesitate to also send us an email at info@buskowitz.com.


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