7 Tips for 7 Years of Success - Buskowitz Group’s Solar Journey

7 Tips for 7 Years of Success : Buskowitz Energy’s Solar Journey

7 Tips for 7 Years of Success : Buskowitz Energy’s Solar Journey

“Every success story is a tale of constant adaptation, revision, and change.” – Richard Branson

It has been seven years since the birth of Buskowitz Group. In honor of its anniversary, Chief Executive Officer James Buskowitz reminisces the company’s solar journey–both the best of times and the worst of times–thus sharing seven tips from his learnings in the seasons’ past.


  1. It’s all about the hustle

    If one were to describe the first few years of running Buskowitz Group in one phrase: it was a baptism of fire. From pooling ideas, studying the market, to pitching the business model to clients–the team was always on the go. Two years of countless flights and endless meetings finally led to the first sale, but it wasn’t until four years later when more leads started to trickle in. To this day, it’s still all about the hustle.


  3. Study, study, study ‘till the business model is perfected

    What makes or breaks any company is it’s demand by the market. Research, create a market study, anticipate their needs, curate services, and perfect processes based on their preference. Of course, there are outliers like Apple’s Steve Jobs and Tesla’s Elon Musk who create products that become a sure want–we aspire to capture audiences just like they do in the future.


  5. Keep asking the right questions

    Look at what current competitors are doing and consider how to take their services to the next level by doing things more efficiently. Are there extra steps in their processes that can be adjusted or removed? Will this take away from the quality of the service or product? It’s good to always question the product and discover new room for improvement. Likewise, it is also important that suppliers and resources outsourced are top notch: only the best is offered to clients.


  7. Understand that what is a priority for you may not be for others

    When one is passionate about a project, it’s all one talks about and thinks about. However, the reality is that what is important for one may not be for another. Promises made in meetings may not be honored and follow-ups can be ignored by potential investors, partners, and clients. Perseverance is the game and has the power to make or break anything.


  9. Give everything the benefit of the doubt, but trust with caution

    Be wise in choosing investors, partners, and even clients. Do the homework, research, and understand the risks before starting any new venture: trust with caution.


  11. Keep with the times and always have a macro overview of where you are

    One must never catch up with the times, but always be ahead of it. Anticipate what will become the next big thing in the industry based on the trends in the past, and what competitors have been offering. Always keep a macro overview of where the company is in relation to the industry, and create small or big pushes that will keep it on track.


  13. It’s important to reinvent yourself

    In the beginning of 2017, Buskowitz found himself getting rid of all his trash, organizing his desk, and rearranging his furniture. He wanted a fresh start, and cleaning up made him feel like he was also decluttering his life. Ironically, this happened to be the same year the company reorganized its structure, adapted its model, and created its innovative solar lease process–the rest was history.

Here’s to the seven years into this solar journey and to many more to come.

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