The Buskowitz Energy started as part of an endeavor to cut the electric costs in the family-owned and run hotel, Monaco Suites de Boracay. Having been educated in Germany and being familiar with the efficiency of solar power, Founder and CEO, James Buskowitz decided to go solar for his family resort.

The difficulty in finding a company that promised and delivered excellent quality and service led to the realization that there was significant potential in the Philippines’ solar energy sector. In 2012, Buskowitz Energy founded ERA Energy Renewables Asia, an engineering, procurement, and construction company for solar panel installations and solar systems.

Shortly after, Buskowitz Finance was founded to answer the development and financial needs of clients. Buskowitz Energy was the first in the country to offer solar leases and solar loans, making it easier and faster for companies and individuals to go choose renewable energy solutions.

As the companies grew in both size and market share, Buskowitz Energy centered all endeavors on the goal of providing renewable energy solutions through solar photovoltaic installations, choosing to focus on solar panel rooftop installations and solar leases or loans.

In 2017, through its subsidiaries, Buskowitz Energy aims to be a leader in integrated sustainable energy and sustainable solutions.

In 2018, the company became ISO Certified for Quality Management Systems, making it one of only two ISO Certified solar companies in the country.



Buskowitz envisions itself as a leading integrated sustainable
energy and solutions company.


To provide Philippine residents and business owners with
easier and cost-effective access to sustainable solutions.

Engineering, Procurement & Construction

Engineering, Procurement & Construction

Operations & Maintenance

Operations & Maintenance

Exceptional Service

Energy Efficiency Solutions

Electrical Engineering Services

Electrical Engineering Services



Sophisticated Engineering

Owners Engineer Advisory Service


The Buskowitz Group advocates a dynamic culture that promotes creativity, innovation, and resourcefulness, while remaining efficient and organized. It is an open culture that encourages collaboration and teamwork among company members and mentorship with and from the board of directors.

The group has over 150 employees globally, mainly in Europe and South East Asia.


Buskowitz believes that sustainability is the true bottom line. Every decision made is kept with this main idea in mind: That sustainable development is the “common future,” which means the needs of this generation must be met without compromising the needs and growth of future generations. The company is careful not to compromise natural resources on which the economy and society depend. It is for that reason that Buskowitz also offers consultancy services for energy efficiency and sustainable corporate development.


Since 2012, the Buskowitz Group has grown by leaps and bounds, achieving exponential growth each year, which garnered them third place in the market among the solar energy providers in the Philippines. Here is a brief timeline of that history.

Paradise Garden (1985 - 2006)

One of the first resorts on Boracay Island. Built by board member and founder, Jochen Buskowitz

Monaco Suites de Boracay (2008 - Present)

A secluded resort on Boracay Island. The first resort on the island to run on solar power.

Energy Renewables Asia Inc. (2012 - 2017)

The group’s first foray into renewable energy was with Energy Renewables Asia Inc. (ERA).

Buskowitz Finance Inc. (2015 - 2019)

The financing arm of Buskowitz Group that makes solar loans and leases available to anyone in the Philippines.

ISO Quality Management Systems (2018)

Buskowitz’ quality management system is certified under ISO 9001:2015


Buskowitz expanded renewable energy scope with quick-scale residential solar series, structural works, and re-roofing.


100% of company-wide operations transitioned to digital platforms.


Buskowitz Energy is certified once again for the ISO 9001:2015.


₱ 400M equity raised. Increase of Residential Sales by 116%.

Buskowitz Energy Inc. (2022)

Buskowitz Finance Inc. & ERA Energy Renewables Asia, Inc. merges, now known as Buskowitz Energy Inc.


The company is also established in Singapore as Buskowitz Energy Pte. Ltd.


The sustainable solutions enerprise kicks off the year with 40 MW in the pipeline.


The Buskowitz Group of companies has over 30 years of experience in providing industry leading solutions and services for its highly valued clients. Its core focus is to provide innovative, efficient, and reliable products and services to exceed customers’ and shareholders’ expectations.

Anna Patricia Pastor
VP – Solar Operations
Dante Macaspac
VP – Accounting and Finance
James Buskowitz
James Buskowitz
Founder & CEO
Engr. Amando Lanuza
Engr. Amando Lanuza
VP – Engineering
Atty. Karol Josef Gutierrez
VP – Legal
Vasili Nistelkas
Vasili Nistelkas
AVP – Energy Services
Henry Layug
AVP – Sales


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