Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence in Solar

Solar power is one of the cheapest forms of electricity in the world today, and has become essential to helping the Philippines utilize a reliable source of energy, minimize carbon emissions, and maximize the use of renewable energy as a mainstream source for power generation. As the industry continues to progress towards more technology focused solutions, the use of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) has made harnessing the power of the sun easier and more efficient than ever. Let us discuss about artificial intelligence in solar.


Here are two key ways in which A.I. has boosted the solar energy industry:


Accurate Solar Forecasting

With the application of sensor technology, current A.I. systems can now accurately predict and adjust capacity levels with the enormous amounts of real-time data the Solar PV system generates.

Also, solar energy predictions can now go far beyond the weather or train algorithms to predict a more efficient outcome for instances like; how much additional power is used during the holidays, a large-scale events, or how much altitude impacts a home’s energy use.


Reduced Utility Bill

By optimizing solar battery systems, A.I. can now accurately predict a building or home’s thermal energy demand and cooling. This in turn helps more and more homes control energy costs without interrupting operations or requiring any involvement, or maintenance on the homeowner’s part

Technology truly continues to bridge the gap, making renewable energy more and more integrated into our everyday lifestyle. Learn more about the benefits of going solar, by reading our other blog articles or reach out to one of our Solar Ambassadors today!

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