Asia SME Forum 2021


Asia SME Forum 2021 invites Buskowitz Energy to share what makes a successful entrepreneur amid the pandemic.


Pandemic affected a lot of business

It’s undeniable that the coronavirus pandemic has affected a lot many entrepreneurs in the Philippines. Given the fact that the MSME comprises more than 99.5 percent of the total business enterprises in the country,

Since the pandemic hit the country in January 2020, and lockdown was implemented, more than 50 percent of the MSMEs have closed down. Therefore a big blow to the country’s backbone of the economy.

Some closed temporarily while others permanently. Given these uncertainties, the question is, “Are we going to throw in the towel and embrace the defeatist attitude?

Hear the country’s most important entrepreneurs on how they are building this nation’s prosperity. The economic future of the Philippines rests on the shoulders of the booming SME sector.


Businesses for the new normal

If your goal is to expand a business or start one, be part of Asia SME Forum 2021, presented by LBC Business Solutions, with Major Sponsors are Multisys Technologies, PLDT Enterprise and Regus|Spaces.

Philippines is considered among the best places on the planet to start and expand businesses.  It has one of the world’s youngest populations, a fast growing economies and a government spending vast sums on infrastructure development.

The Asia CEO is committed to inspire the business community and business leaders amid challenging time. With the roster of illustrious speakers, many entrepreneurs will surely be inspired on how these business leaders charter the new normal.

Joe Magsaysay

Joe Magsaysay

Chairman Emeritus
Potato Corner

PRESENTER: Joe built his company from scratch with Php150k capital. Today, Potato Corner has more than 1,300 branches worldwide and is now known to be the World’s Best Flavored Fries. Known as the “King of Kiosk”, he helps out entrepreneurs who have limited financial and managing capabilities to innovate and grow but has the grit to succeed. He was a 2016 Asian CEO Awardee and a Certified Franchise Executive

Bing Sibal Limjoco

Bing Sibal-Limjoco

Chief Executive Officer
Francorp Philippines

PRESENTER: Bing is known as the “Mother of Philippine Franchising” for her efforts to develop the Philippines as the top franchise market in Southeast Asia. She is currently Vice Chairman of the Philippine Franchise Association and Vice Chairman of the Philippine Retailers Association, the nation’s largest business group. She is also chairperson of Philippine International Franchise Conference Expo (PIFCE), the largest franchise event in Asia. Franchise brands she has helped develop include Potato Corner, The Generics Pharmacy, Bench, Penshoppe, on and on.

Cindy Burdette

Cindy Burdette

Co-Founder and CEO

PRESENTER: Cindy is building the world’s first and only membership-based benefits marketplace for the gig and freelance worker. ALLCARE is a VC-backed, early-stage startup that has already achieved profitability just in its second year. Cindy is also Co-founder and Principal of BT Partners, a management consulting firm focused on enterprise sales development and demand generation.

Jess Nicdao

Jess Nicdao

Master Franchisee

PRESENTER: Jess is known as the “Franchise King” of North and Central Luzon with over 30 Jollibee and Chowking stores. He is Chairman of the Pampanga chamber of Commerce and a big promoter of entrepreneurship in the Philippines.

Donn Gamboa

Donn Gamboa

Founder and CEO
White Cloak Technologies

PRESENTER: Donn founded his company as a startup, specializing in mobile and web app development. Since its establishment, the company has achieved success in developing and delivering a stream of award-winning products, services and solutions.

Myrna Yao

Myrna Yao

President and CEO
Richwell Trading

PRESENTER: Myrna founded her company from very small beginnings with Php5,000 in capital. Today she employs 1,400 people and dominates the toy business in the nation. She is exclusive distributor of Mattel Toys and Barbie, Ollie, Fisher Price Shoes, V-Tech Learning Computer and many others. She is past Chairperson of the Philippine Commission on Women, Founding Chairperson of the Philippine Federation of Local Councils of Women and Filipino-Chinese Federation of Business Women.

James Buskowitz

James Buskowitz

Chief Executive Officer
Buskowitz Group

PRESENTER: James is helping achieve a low-carbon future for the Philippines through solar photovoltaic rooftop installations. Within only 1 year, James was able to establish a strong renewable energy portfolio and acquire over 20% Philippine market share within the renewable energy sector.

Mitzi Borromeo

Mitzi Borromeo

Q & A Moderator
Multi-media Communications Specialist

MODERATOR: Mitzi is a multi-awarded TV broadcast journalist formerly with CNN Philippines. She has over two decades of media and communications experience with media networks, non-government organizations, and corporations focused on conservation and sustainable development.

Mitch Locsin

Mitch Locsin

FVP & Enterprise Revenue Group Head
PLDT Enterprise

PRESENTER: Mitch previously made a name for himself as head of PLDT SME Nation, set up to help entrepreneurs use advanced technology. He also the founding Executive Director of IBPAP and instrumental in making Philippines a premier global destination for offshore services.

Mila Sering

Mila Sering

Senior Managing Director
Seven Seven Global Services

PRESENTER: Mila is a co-founder of her company that provides IT and BPO services to global companies.

Kath Mila

Kathlynn Mila

Executive Vice President
Multisys Technologies

PRESENTER: Kath is the key #2 leader of one of the nation’s most important technology companies. She has played a strong role in building Multisys from scratch.
Learn from, and be inspired by, many of nations most successful entrepreneurs and how they built their businesses from scratch. SME companies are transforming the nation from one dependent on a few dozen large enterprises to one propelled by thousands of focused high-performing ones. If the Philippines is to become prosperous, powerful and inclusive, it all depends on the SME sector.

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By Victoria “NIKE” De Dios

Original article was published on The Philippine Business and News

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