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Basic Power Units to Help You Understand your Solar Requirements

Today, we will guide you to understand the power units and some of the basic conversions of your energy consumption, which will help you gauge which Solar Home package is the best fit for your home. Knowing how much you consume energy at home is the first step to save.


What is a Watt?

A watt is the basic unit of power. It measures the rate of power over a period of time.


What is the difference between kW and kWh?

Kilowatt (kW) – is a measure of how much power your appliance will consume. A kW is equal to 1000 watts.

Kilowatt Hour (kWh) – is a measure of how much energy you are using over a period of time.

For example, if you cook using your 1,000 watt induction stove, that means you consume 1kWh of energy.


It’s as simple as this:

1kW = 1000 watts

1kWh = 1000 watts hour

1Megawatt = 1000 kW


What does kWp stand for?

kWp stands for kilowatt peak. It is the peak capacity of your solar pv system. It tells you how much power your solar power system can produce. The bigger the system size, the bigger energy it can produce.


For example, Buskowitz Energy’s Solar Home Lite can power a household that requires a 2.19 kilowatt-peak system to power its daily activities. With this starter package from the Solar Home line, you can easily operate a 1.5 horsepower air-conditioner, television, water heater, electric fan, basic fixtures, and laptops. Ideal for a household with average electricity consumption of 3,000-7000 pesos every month, the 2.19 kWp Solar Home Lite can help you save up to 3,00 pesos off your monthly electricity bill.


What is “rate” per kWh?

Rate is the price of your electricity per kWh. Rates vary based on your local distribution utility. For example, MERALCO’s rate last January 2021 was Php 8.7497 per kWh.

To get your total electricity bill for the month, simply multiply your kWh consumption by rate.

Example: 200kWh x 8.7497 = Php 1,749.94

Now that you know the basic conversion, you are now ready to get a solar consultation! Get to know our solar home system by visiting our Buskowitz Solar Shop.

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