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Building Digital Relationships

This past year has been challenging in several ways, one of which is how we have been forced to navigate and reassess our relationships in a new digital landscape. Though most people are slowly adjusting to the work from home set-up, many still feel socially disconnected due to the loss of personal interactions on a day-to-day basis.

The good news is that with the current technology and communication tools available, we are now able to take it upon ourselves to reach out to our co-workers, loved ones, and peers and increase our social bubble while staying safe at home.

Here are some tips on how to build and maintain digital relationships during this pandemic:

  1. Nurture the relationships you have now

    There is no denying that there is a constant pressure of having to foster new relationships, especially with the internet at our fingertips. Social platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn make it easy for us to constantly connect with new people and build peripheral relationships, however, we must not forget to also enrich the people who are already within our immediate circle, or our primary relationship holders, as they are the people we usually draw our strength from.


  3. Stay in touch

    With the power of technology right at our fingertips, it has become possible for us to maintain open communication channels with our peers, families, and co-workers. The best way to further nurture these relationships using the tech tools we have is to set aside a regular schedule to catch up, talk, and bond over the digital platforms available.
    An example of this is the use of gaming and social apps like Houseparty to host online games with your family, friends, or team once a month to break the humdrum of everyday work.


  5. Update your socials

    By updating and engaging in our social media accounts, you can build or join communities that have similar interests to that of your own. These communities can offer us a more connected feeling to the rest of the world and shared space, where we are able to
    freely express ourselves.


  7. Don’t forget about boundaries

    When nurturing relationships during this stressful time, we can tend to forget to set boundaries between our productivity and downtime. By opening up to your family, friends, or team about your personal time, you are able to carve out a safe space for your own mental wellbeing–allowing yourself to realign your emotional and physical state.
    It is also important that when we create boundaries for ourselves, that we must also respect other people’s boundaries as well.

The reality is technology is not only here to stay, but will increasingly be utilized in our daily life. It is important that with this new dependency on technology, that we are aware of the environmental impacts that it brings. Based on research done by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, 25% of global greenhouse gas emissions come from Electricity and Heat production made by fuel source, and with the current work set-up, we are seeing an increase in electricity production and utilization, as we are limited to the confines of our homes, rather than shared office space for safety purposes.

A way for us to maintain a level of consciousness and sustainability is to look at renewable solutions, such as the use of solar PV panels and systems, to offset our current electricity production and carbon footprint. Buskowitz currently offers solar home and solar business solutions to help you adapt, adjust and create a more sustainable future. Talk to our experts today to learn more!

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