Buskowitz’ Brand Ambassador and Sunny with Jacque Advocate Shares Five Ways To Be More Sustainable This Summer

Buskowtiz’ Business Development Manager Jacque Buskowitz shares her five tips on how to be more sustainable this summer. The season calls for planning one’s next adventure, simply letting loose, and keeping the air-conditioning on full blast. While everyone does deserve a much needed break, not all activities are sustainable or renewable (especially that air-conditioning). Here are five ways one can be more sustainable this summer, keeping the environment and earth in mind without sacrificing that sunny vibe!

1. Go Local
Instead of booking a flight out, why not plan a road trip? Airline flights are not only heavy on the pocket, but they are heavy on the carbon emissions. A road trip to a beautiful local destination will not only mean a lower carbon footprint, but there’s a good chance more friends can make the trip!

2. Try Gardening
Summer is a great time to start a new hobby, and gardening is a great one. Not only can you plant enough trees to make up for the carbon miles you clocked on your road trip, but you can also grow your own herbs and vegetables! Easy plants to start with are basil, oregano, dill, okra, green beans, and calamansi.

3. Water Plants at Night to Save Water
Once you start gardening, or if you have an existing garden, water your plants after the sun goes down! Watering during the day is less sustainable than at night because the water will evaporate with the heat. This is why some people feel they need to water their gardens twice a day. Watering at night, however, eliminates this problem, and the plants can better absorb the water during the cooler hours.

4. Put a Timer on Your Air-Conditioning
On the monstrously hot days, air-conditioning helps, there’s no denying that. One way to lower your carbon footprint is to put a timer on your air-conditioning. Two to three hours is all you need to cool a room down properly, and then the unit can automatically shut-off while you switch to a fan, which takes up less electricity and circulates the air even better!

Your electric bill will thank you for it too!

5. Eat What’s in Season
Take advantage of the summer fruit and vegetables! Not only are these good for your body, but eating what is in season greatly lowers your carbon footprint because you’re not paying for food to be grown in hothouses or for it to be freighted in from the countries in which they are endemic. Eat local and eat green, you’ll be happier for it!

Being sustainable and renewable is easier than expected, and with a little bit of creativity and planning–the sky’s the limit. For those looking for a more long term impact, try installing solar panels on your roof, setting up a rainwater catchment system, and even composting!

For more more information on how to start a solar and sustainable journey, visit www.buskowitz.com or call 801-0074.

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Posted on February 28, 2019

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