Buskowitz Group Opens Its Doors for a Solar Open House

Buskowitz Energy Opens Its Doors for a Solar Open House

Last June 15, Buskowitz Energy opened the doors to its corporate headquarters with a Solar Open House.

The intimate event was a one-day only affair that invited residential owners in Metro Manila. A first for Buskowitz Energy, the Solar Open House offered a special 20% discount for homeowners who purchased their solar installation outright, on the day itself.


Solar Panel for residents

A handful of dedicated and expert sales representatives joined the informative gathering. Residents or soon-to-be-owners were attended to individually; presented with the option of choosing from a 2 kWp, 5 kWp, or 10 kWp installation based on their electricity consumption; and guided as they selected a complete solar package fit for their home.

Business Development Manager for QSI (Quick-Scale Installation), Iris Cordero, shares, “Most of our time is spent at home, which is why a lot of households experience expensive electricity bills. We want to help families enjoy being in the comfort of their own home, while reducing their cost of living, and at the same time sustaining the health of the environment.”


Benefits of going solar

The benefits of going solar for oneself include: decreasing one’s electricity bill to half; enjoying a return of investment in five years; and benefitting in an asset that lasts a lifetime, as most solar installations have a lifespan of up to 50 years.

On a larger scale, opting for green energy affects the community as a whole. With more homes choosing to go solar, fewer carbon emissions are produced, and every small change is needed to help sustain the earth for the generations to come.

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