Buskowitz powers farms with solar units

Buskowitz provides Solar Panels on Farms

RENEWABLES enterprise Buskowitz Energy has powered three poultry farms with rooftop solar installations, bringing down their carbon emissions and electricity costs.

Under its build-operate-lease-transfer (BOLT) program, Buskowitz’s solar segment offered three farms in Visayas and Mindanao with solar photovoltaic units.


Solar-Powered Farms

These farms are ESU Jasaan in Tulugban, Bukidnon, which is given a 90.2 kilowatt-peak installation; E&M Hatchery, also in Bukidnon, which operates a 70.13 kilowatt-peak solar system; and Cal’s Poultry Farm in Roxas City, Capiz, now running with a 100 kilowatt-peak rooftop installation.

“We hope that by going solar, more farms and broilers will be able to reduce their carbon emissions. We not only want to save the environment but also want to help lower overhead costs for produce and poultry farms through the BOLT program,” Buskowitz Energy Chief Executive Officer James Buskowitz said in a statement.

“If more agricultural farms adopt the use of solar, perhaps in the long run, we’ll feel these effects by seeing lower food costs, and create green-conscious farmers who will help shape the future of the food industry,” he added.

Citing World Bank data, at least 12.8 million tons of carbon emissions each year are generated from poultry farms.

The solar company noted that the three installed units can save an estimated 2,434 pounds of coal, and 249 gallons of gasoline, while the carbon sequestered is equivalent to planting 2.8 acres of Philippine forests and 36.5 tree seedlings over ten years.


Solar in Agriculture

Buskowitz Energy has been pushing for the use of rooftop solar units for electricity generation to save the country’s remaining farmable lands.

“With only 18% of the Philippines lands left for agriculture, we encourage our business partners in all industries to install [solar panels] on their roof,” he said. —Adam J. Ang

Source: BusinessWorld

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May 13, 2021

i read that you installed solar power on a poultry. i am also considering putting this up for my 3-bldg. broiler farm in leyte. our average monthly consumption is about 15,000 to 18,000 kwh per month. would appreciate hearing from you on installed cost, power savings and other details.
thank you


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