Solar Consultation
Checklist for Your Solar Home Consultation

It’s the summer season once again, and your electricity bill is skyrocketing. As the temperature gets hotter, it’s common to use your air conditioner, electric fans and other cooling appliances longer. With that in mind, you are probably considering going solar for your home to save more and reduce the cost of your monthly electricity […]

Rooftop Solar Panel
Building The Right Roof for A Rooftop Solar PV System

More and more people are now going towards green energy. By going solar, a household can save up to 60% of its electricity bill. This also helps the environment from climate change by lessening the carbon footprint. But before a homeowner decides to install a solar PV system, there are a lot of factors that […]

Family Bonding
Why Should You Power Your Home with Solar During the Philippine Summer?

Prepare for the Philippine summer with Buskowitz’s signature Solar Home system. Every year, as the summer season nears, we prepare for the anticipated increase in rates per kilowatt-hour that will be implemented by Meralco or your local distribution utility. Currently, residents experience a constant fluctuation of price for their monthly electricity bill with the overall […]

Carbon Footprint
The Importance of Understanding Our Carbon Footprint

What is the importance of Carbon footprint? And why do we need to combat this? It is the measurement of human’s impact on the earth through their daily activities. In our everyday lives, we may not know this, but we always produce carbon footprints.  It’s as simple as eating meat, driving a car, traveling by […]

Solar Powered Home
14 Reasons Why We Love our Solar Home System

This Valentine’s Day most of us will be celebrating with family, loved ones and friends at home. Now a day, we spend so much time indoors and at the heart of our homes, which is why Buskowitz Energy is here to share the love and help make your residence a more sustainable space with our […]

San Carlos Town Center Installation During Typhoon Ompong - Buskowitz Energy
Strong Rooftop Solar PV Systems Through the Storm

How Three Project Site Installations Withstood a Tropical Cyclone Back in 2016, Health Centrum Hospital had signed with Buskowitz Energy to power its facilities with a 99.90 kilowatt-peak rooftop solar PV system. The medical complex located in Roxas city, opted for a renewable energy source to experience solar savings, a negative carbon footprint, and positive […]

Misconception Series Image 01 - Buskowitz Energy
Sustainability Myths and the Truths Behind Them

Myth or truth? Many have a few misconceptions about the idea of sustainability, which prevent them from living a more eco-friendly lifestyle. We look into the renewable energy industry, some sustainable practices and beliefs, and the truths behind them.   Coal can be clean Fact: The process of and chemicals used to clean coal–separating the […]

The-Perks-of-Having-an-Aquaponic-Garden - Buskowitz Energy
The Perks of Having an Aquaponic Garden

Nowadays, more and more eco-lovers are looking into the basics on how to transform their backyards into a vegetable and herb garden. Common practices include traditional in-ground, raised bed, and vertical gardening, among others. Another organic, homegrown alternative is to create an aquaponic system.     Why consider having an aquaponic garden? It uses a […]