Solar PV System
How Rainy Days Affect Your Solar Panels

With the start of June, comes the start of the rainy season here in the Philippines! Though there’s an assumption that solar panels are meant only for sunny days, did you know that isn’t entirely true? But how does the weather or the rainy season actually affect your solar panels or your solar photovoltaic (pv) […]

Electricity Bill, Shocked
How to Conserve Electricity This 2023

This year’s summer pushed us to use more of our appliances, we were left with no other option than to brace ourselves for higher electricity bills these past few months. And if you want to conserve electricity without having to replace your current appliances (yet!), sit tight as we let you in on some of […]

Mother and Child
Mother’s Day: Super Moms Make a Sustainable Home!

For this year’s Mother’s Day, join us as we give special thanks to all the super moms out there who make lives better for their family and to those who are building a sustainable home. Let’s take a moment, and celebrate our special mom, mommy, mama, or nanay by doing these special yet sustainable gifts! […]

Cost counting
How Much is a Solar Panel in 2023?

At this point, you may have already seen homes install solar panels, or you’ve heard of malls or businesses that have made the switch to clean and renewable energy. And the savings and feedback are no doubt enticing, but how much does it actually cost to buy that solar panel?   Before we go through […]

Quotation Discussion
How To Choose the Best Solar Quotation

Are you having difficulty deciding on which solar package or quotation is the best fit for your home or business? If yes, then you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed, lost, confused, or probably everything! No need to worry, as our solar experts have created a checklist to help you choose the best quotation for […]

Installment of Solar Panels
What To Know About Solar Panels

Solar panels are one of the most astounding inventions that came out in our lifetime. Whether paired together with the use of a magnifying glass which was used to start fires from the 7th Century or the first solar cell introduced by Swiss Scientist Horace-Benedict de Saussure in the 16th Century and by the end […]

Plastic Bottles
Where to Donate Plastic Waste this 2023

Contrary to the song ‘Barbie Girl’, we do not agree that life in plastic is fantastic. In fact, it’s toxic–with the harm stretching its effect to the human body and to the environment. So, we are listing down where you can donate your plastic waste this 2023. A recent study, as devastating as it is, […]

Meralco Bills
How To Understand Your Electricity Bill

Summer days are drawing closer, just a few days from now and the scorching heat of the Philippines will soon be felt again. At this time where air-conditioner are used more often or where people opt to spend more times indoors, it’s no surprise to see a sudden surge on electricity bills. But of course, […]

Electric Meter
Philippines’ Net-Metering Limit May Soon Increase to 1 MW

Last November 2022, the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) has approved the Resolution 11, Series of 2022 for posting. The resolution introduces the possibility to utilize renewable energy for end-user’s consumption and export by up to 1MW. Provided that the maximum capacity to export shall not exceed 30% of the nameplate capacity of the Distributed Energy […]