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The Price Hike in the Philippines

The Philippines is currently experiencing a massive price hike in oil prices, which has led to an increase in other commodities such as electricity, and other gasoline-related products like food, household necessities, and more. The horrendous increase in prices boils down to the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine, which has been going on for […]

Save Mother Earth
Why Carbon Reduction is the Best Way to Prevent Climate Change

Climate change is no laughing matter, and yet once again we are faced with more baffling news that recently surfaced from social media, where a scientist from NASA—Peter Kalmus made remarks stating that “We’re going to lose everything”. Peter’s comments were brought about by the aftermath of Covid-19 lockdowns occurring worldwide. Unfortunately, re-opening economies post-pandemic […]

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World Water Day

World Water Day is a sustainable event held every 22nd of March, it has been an annual United Nations Observance since 1993. The event is held to commemorate the importance of water and help raise awareness to the approximately 2 billion people globally who do not have access to clean water. Its core focus is […]

Green Energy
Summer Energy Conservation Hacks for your Home

Summer is officially here and what better way to kick-start the season of the sun with 3 simple energy conservation hacks for your home.   Maintain your air conditioners Aircon all day? No problem! You can still save more this summer by regularly cleaning the filters and condensers of your cooling equipment. Did you know […]

2022 New Year Life
10 Sustainable Resolutions for 2022

2022 has finally kicked-off – and for most of us, it is that time again to set our goals and resolutions for the year. This presents us with the perfect opportunity to not only better ourselves, but also our own impact on the planet.   With our sights set on a greener year ahead, here […]

Christmas Greetings
Celebrate a Green Christmas

The best way to celebrate a green Christmas is by being sustainable and energy efficient. To most, it is now the season of giving and merriment with our loved ones – but to others, it is also the season of high emissions. The consumption of food, our bright decorations, and holiday trips all contribute to […]

Solar Powered Home
Pros and Cons of Solar-Powered Home

Photovoltaic (PV) solar technology has been around since the 1950s, but, thanks to advancements in technology and lowering price range – they are more accessible and efficient as ever! Some experts even argue that purchasing a solar home system is akin to buying a second-hand car. Lets discuss about the pros and cons of having […]

How to Secure Power in your Home

Rotational blackouts happen when the demand for electricity peaks while power supplies become insufficient. This means that distribution utilities end up having to cut off electricity in non-critical sectors – such as households – to ensure the reliability of the grid. Just in the last year alone, the Philippines has had to face numerous country-wide […]

Source of Energy
Electricity vs. Solar Energy

When it comes to choosing solar power vs. electricity from the local utility provider, many people often gravitate towards the utility electric as it is a more ‘well-known’ system. Despite the initial skepticism, solar PV systems have come a long way. In recent years solar energy has gained some serious momentum and is now considered […]

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How to Order Solar Panels Online with Buskowitz

Here at Buskowitz Energy, we make ‘making the switch’ easy! What usually is a tedious and stressful process, going solar can now be done at the tip of your fingers. With Buskowitz Connect, we provide easy access for you to get in touch with one of Solar Ambassadors right away. See our below guide on […]