Securing Power In Your Home

Rotational blackouts happen when the demand for electricity peaks while power supplies become insufficient. This means that distribution utilities end up having to cut off electricity in non-critical sectors – such as households – to ensure the reliability of the grid. Just in the last year alone, the Philippines has had to face numerous country-wide […]

Source of Energy
What can you save on? | Utility Electric vs. Solar Energy

When it comes to choosing solar power vs. electricity from the local utility provider, many people often gravitate towards the utility electric as it is a more ‘well-known’ system. Despite the initial skepticism, solar PV systems have come a long way. In recent years solar energy has gained some serious momentum and is now considered […]

Tokyo Olympics 2020
The Sustainable Future at the 2020 Olympics

Sustainable development has become a major priority for the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in recent years, and with this year’s games focused on sustainability, organizers have pledged to “deliver sustainable games and showcase solution models for the challenges faced by the people of Japan and those around the world to achieve global sustainability”. In preparation […]

the right solar panels
Finding the Right Solar Panel System for You

Solar panel technology has dramatically improved over the years, with a host of innovative solar panels introduced to the market, how can we identify what solar panel works best for our home or business? We have to first take a look at the different factors that you must weigh on when making the switch to […]

solar panels at night
Your Solar Panels at Night

To an average person, solar panels are generally known to generate power during the day.  However, have you ever wondered what happens to solar panels at night or on cloudy days? The Philippines, on average, gets about 4.5 – 5 hours of sunlight per day. This means that homes or businesses that are powered by […]

Renewable Energy Systems
Investing in the Philippines: Solar Energy

As the Philippines continues to face the mounting energy crisis brought by the steady depletion of the Malampaya Gas Field–which supplies 40% of Luzon’s energy consumption–the call for alternative energy solutions is paramount. Over the past three years, a new surge of digital renewable energy investing is on the rise. This is due to the […]

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence in Solar

Solar power is one of the cheapest forms of electricity in the world today, and has become essential to helping the Philippines utilize a reliable source of energy, minimize carbon emissions, and maximize the use of renewable energy as a mainstream source for power generation. As the industry continues to progress towards more technology focused […]