CEO James Buskowitz Named Lifestyle Asia Game Changer

CEO James Buskowitz Named Lifestyle Asia Game Changer

This year, our CEO, James Buskowitz was named one of Lifestyle Asia’s Game Changers for the work he is doing in renewable energy and sustainable solutions. Read the full article below:


The company’s beginning

When James Buskowitz was 21 years old, he founded his namesake business, a sustainable solutions company that focuses on providing solar photovoltaic rooftop installations on homes and commercial buildings. “It is something the Philippines needs (our electricity needs are too high), while also being something we can easily do—we have so much sun in this country,” he shares about his work, which is also his passion. “Apart from solar installations, we also offer engineering services and consultation, all with sustainability as our bottom line. For us, being a sustainable solutions company isn’t about choosing sustainability projects. It’s also about encouraging our clients and others to think with sustainability in mind, which means helping them implement sustainable systems in their own companies.”

Now, seven years into the business, James admits that the only way is up for the company. He shares that although 2017 was a good year, it was in 2018 when he was able to prove himself to his team and clients. “Last year, we signed and built our biggest installation, we received ISO certification for quality management systems, and we were constantly busy—singing, closing, building. It was an amazing year for the company!”


Self-Love is all about feeling fulfilled

James says that self-love is all about feeling fulfilled by what you do every day. “If you are passionate about what you do and you feel fulfilled by it, all that will be fueled by self-love. So now, just add hard-work, patience and grit—don’t forget the grit. You’ll reach a moment wherein you’ll feel successful, then you keep working from there.” He suggests young people find their Ikigai in order to lead meaningful lives. “Be able to combine what you love, what you are good at, what pays the bills and what the world needs. Find your ultimate purpose,” he says when explaining the Japanese concept. — CRH

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