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Checklist for Your Solar Home Consultation

It’s the summer season once again, and your electricity bill is skyrocketing. As the temperature gets hotter, it’s common to use your air conditioner, electric fans and other cooling appliances longer. With that in mind, you are probably considering going solar for your home to save more and reduce the cost of your monthly electricity bill. It is better to have a checklist for your solar home consultation.

But not everyone has the basic know-how of solar PV systems. You can simply start and learn more via consultation. A Solar Consultation is when you talk to a solar expert and seek advice to better understand the basics of the solar home system, the perfect fit for your home, the step by step process, as well as the technical details and pricing. By “sizing” your energy requirements, a solar expert will ask you about your energy consumption and will request you to provide certain data as a basis. So, if you are planning to go solar now, we advise you to prepare the required information and documentation before meeting with a solar expert for a consultation.

Here is your Solar Home pre-meeting checklist:

  1. Electricity Bill

    Know how your average electricity bill for the past 3 months. You can also provide your kilowatt hour consumption (kW) as an alternative. Your electricity bill will help your solar expert to size your energy requirements.

  2. Meralco Sample Bill


  3. Electricity Meter

    Check how many electricity meters you have. It’s best to know if they are main meters or sub meters.

  4. Meralco Meter


  5. The type of your roof

    There are different types of roof, and each type can influence the production of energy, as well as the installation of your Solar Home system. Most common roof types are made of tiles, clay, concrete and GI Sheets. Building the perfect roof to house a Solar PV System is ideal. It is also important to learn how to build the right rooftop for your system.

  6. Clay Rooftiles


  7. Roof Space

    Of course, the space of your roof will help your solar consultant know how many panels can fit on your home. The bigger the roof space, the better. This is more advantageous because you can install more panels than required, thus allowing you to save more on your electricity!

  8. Red Rooftop

    Of course, simply provide additional details such as your home location, so your dedicated solar expert can identify your local distribution utility, as well as the cost of logistics. Once you have the complete checklist, you are now ready to consult with a solar expert.

You can also try to navigate through our Buskowitz website to understand your Solar Home requirements.


Are you ready to make the switch to a greener and cost-effective lifestyle?

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