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Earth Day 2023 : Invest in our Planet

For this Earth Day 2023, we would like to call up on all the eco-warriors to once again unite, and to encourage more people to contribute and spread awareness on this year’s theme: Investing in our Planet.

For 2023, the Earth Day Organization has set up six (6) activities we could do for Earth Day 2023 and even after the event. From signing petitions for a good cause, to donating monetarily to restore the earth, and to joining a community clean-up. But, of course, we are always allowed to do more and to contribute more. Beyond participating to the mentioned activities, here are five (5) more ways you can tweak your lifestyle that has long-term effects to the environment:  


  1. Segregate your waste!

    Yes, waste segregation may seem like a lot of work, especially if it’s the first time you’re doing it. But just like all changes we do in our lifestyle, we can get used to it, and become part of it as the time goes by. With this you can start to reuse and recycle some waste, or you can have them donated to the right organization, too!


  3. Shop Less

    It may seem odd, but this is one of the best ways to help with the reduction of our Global Carbon footprint. Instead of checking out your cart’s contents, ask yourself, “Do I really need this or do I want this?”, if the answer is the latter, then maybe it’s better to not buy it. Not only you can lessen your carbon footprint, but you’ll be able to save some bucks, too!


  5. Conserve your home’s resources

    Conserving your home’s resources is not just about saving money, it can also correspond to how much carbon emissions ones home could reduce. Whether from turning off unnecessary lights or the water tap whilst washing your hands, switching to more energy efficient appliances, or even redecorating rooms to have the most efficient natural lighting. All these could attribute into helping save our environment. 


  7. Invest in Better Clothes

    Fashion is one of the booming industries at the moment. With that comes more fashion trends, and in turn, more waste–which is one of the leading contributors to carbon emissions. So how can we be better humans? First, let’s slow down this trend by opting for a more sustainable fashion. Second, buy clothes of good quality that are classic pieces, as well. This way your wardrobe will be filled with clothes you can use and reuse for a long time. And from time-to-time, consider donating or selling your old clothes to ensure they are given a longer life cycle.


  9. Invest in Renewable Energy

    This regards speaks for itself, investing in renewable energy may come in two ways, whether to put up a Solar Home System on your roof, which we know is a great investment. Or by making the switch to solar powered appliances from LED Lights, Fans, Flashlights, and even emergency power banks. These are great ways to reduce our carbon emissions through decreasing our dependence on traditional energy sources.

It is indeed a must for us to Invest in Our Planet in our own simple way, as our goal is not to only do these activities during Earth Day, but to have it be a part of our lifestyles. To learn more about how you could live life powered by the sun, connect to a solar expert now at or visit our website

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