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Earth Hour 2023

For its 16th year, we have made great leaps in making Earth Hour an annual campaign wherein 190 countries and territories would gather and have a “lights off” moment for 60 minutes, from 8:30 PM until 9:30 PM, to show symbolic support in combating the issues of climate change and nature loss. 

But the question remains for some: is an “hour” really enough to positively impact our environment? The answer is a resounding yes, the concept behind “Earth Hour” is not just about turning off the lights for an hour, but standing against climate change and how we could combat it the best way we can. It’s also quite a way of saying, if we can do it for an hour, then it’s possible for us to do all the time.

But beyond turning off our lights, there are a lot more ways to show our care for the earth. In here are five ways we could do to climate change:

  1. Switch to Reusable Items

    We are quite lucky to live in a time where we have sustainable alternatives for our necessities.  From shopping bags, to cutleries and tumblers, we have so many options in hand. If you have access to these alternatives, make sure to consider getting them!


  3. Minimize your Food Waste

    You may have learned this at an early age from your parents and even later on when gluttony was discussed in your English class. But do you know making sure you don’t have leftovers or food waste is sustainable, too? When we waste our food, we’re also wasting the energy it required to make it, and the resources to grow and harvest. So, the next time you pick up the plate, make sure to fill it with what you can only consume, that way you’re caring for those who made and prepared your food, as well.


  5. Transition to a More Sustainable Fashion Wardrobe

    Clothing may be the easiest way to express one’s self, and with so many fast fashion brands coming up in the market, we can be easily drawn to buying them. However, fast fashion brands pose a huge threat to the environment, in fact the Fashion Industry is responsible for 20% of the global waste water. So what exactly can you do to lessen your carbon footprint? First, you may support brands that do not mass produce clothes. Second, give secondhand clothes a chance. And lastly, instead of throwing off your old clothes, upcycle or donate them! That way you give your clothes or the fabric, at least, another chance to be used.


  7. Opt for More Energy Efficient Appliances

    Lessen your energy consumption by switching to energy efficient appliances! Although they may be costly at first, you’ll realize the savings along the way. Do not forget to change your old halogen lights to LED lights, as well, as these are cheap ways to be efficient in energy.


  9. Make the Switch to Solar

    Similar with appliances, solar photovoltaic (pv) system is quite expensive with the return on investment taking 3 to 5 years. However, with a solar pv system, you’ll be able to lessen your electricity usage by up to 40%, making it one of the best way to live more sustainably. Solar pv systems can also last up to  more than 30 years, so you’ll be saving so much!

These eco-friendly lifestyle changes may seem like a small step towards the betterment of our environment, but if we could look at the bigger picture—by integrating the five suggestions given above. Together we can offset billions if not trillions of Carbon Emissions.

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