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Electricity vs. Solar Energy

When it comes to choosing solar power vs. electricity from the local utility provider, many people often gravitate towards the utility electric as it is a more ‘well-known’ system.

Despite the initial skepticism, solar PV systems have come a long way. In recent years solar energy has gained some serious momentum and is now considered a highly competitive renewable resource compared to more traditional electric methods.

Let’s take a look at the ways that solar PV systems compare to electricity:


Solar Energy vs. Electricity, what do people prefer?

In recent years, solar energy has become the new trend in sustainable living. The reason why people have opted for solar power rather than using traditional electricity is, to put it plainly, cut on the monthly electric bill. Although solar equipment can be more expensive initially, it is very efficient – allowing you to be able to pay back the cost of installation over several years.

In this sense, it’s an effective long-term investment that pays off pretty quickly — usually within 5-7 years.

Apart from saving you some cash on your monthly electric bill — Solar panels are also an amazing way to care for our ecosystem and lower our environmental impact.

On top of this, minimal repairs and maintenance is needed when investing in a quality certified solar pv system like Canadian Solar.


So what about the cost? How does Solar Energy compare to your local electric utility provider?

If you’re looking to save money with solar panels, you would need to consider a few key factors such as how much sunshine you get in your area, local electricity rates, and the size of the roof of your home or business.

Solar PV systems costs a pretty penny to purchase and set up. However, in the long run, solar energy is a lot less expensive than depending on electric power due to the rising price of electricity.

With Meralco rates at PHP 9.0036 – 9.65 per kWh or around PHP 8,076.229 – 8,656.05 per household where power consumption averages at 897 kWh monthly — making the switch to solar energy is critical now more than ever, especially considering the dwindling supply of coal and fossil fuel.


Get the most out of the Sun with Buskowitz Energy

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Venugopal Subramani
November 5, 2022

Thank you so much for sharing some valuable inputs on solar energy . It is so appreciated that you have focused on the renewable source of energy generation which is the future. Having our own energy with the exhaustible sun is a great thing. I could see there is an alarming need to switch to solar and your blog clearly indicates that. It is very informative that everyone can be aware of the importance of solar energy and the need to make the change. I found it extremely helpful and sure to find the ways that would enable me to enter into a green world powered by solar energy.

Venugopal Subramani

Lily Bridgers
February 2, 2023

It’s amazing to realize that solar technology can be more expensive at first, but because of its high efficiency, you can pay for its installation over a number of years. I’ll utilize this obvious truth to persuade my hubby to adopt solar energy to illuminate our home going forward. I think that hiring a solar company installs panels on our home will end up saving us a ton of money on high electricity bills. Thank you for all the info here.


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