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Energy Management for your Home

The ongoing lockdown continues to force families to move their daily operations to the confines of their own home. Consequently, the increased demand for energy has driven up Meralco rates and put a significant burden on Filipino families who are struggling to make ends meet. Learn more about energy management for your home.


Energy Conservation

Whilst we can try to do our best in reducing much of our expenses, this alone may still not be enough.

Energy conservation is a team effort but getting everyone in your home to cooperate can be difficult. From Lights left open all day to computers running on our desks, these oversights can waste a lot of energy.

With Energy Management Systems (EMS), you can control just how much energy your home consumes. Efficiently and effectively.

To put it into numbers, a well maintained EMS can result in energy savings of 13-30%.


How do Energy Management Systems work? And how do they save on energy?

Energy Management Systems reduces energy consumption by monitoring current energy conditions, and remote adjusting equipment to your preferred energy level at a touch of a button.

Commonly used energy-management devices include:

  1. Timers – To help turn off lights and other various equipment according to a schedule set by you.
  2. Occupancy sensors – To help detect whether people are present by sensing heat motion, or sound made in a room.
  3. Programmable thermostats – This helps automate temperature adjustments according to your preferred schedule and seasonal changes.
  4. Photocells – This helps regulate light levels by dimming or increasing lights according to the amount sunlight.


Getting started on your EMS with Buskowitz

EMS devices are great energy-saving tools, and with the right implementation can maximize savings and give a return on your investment as well.

Buskowitz Energy prides itself as a leader in providing end-to-end service for your EMS.

From proving you with an extensive Energy Audit to helping you optimize your home’s energy performance through system maintenance–we provide you all the control, and none of the fuss to maximizing your energy efficiency.

To learn more about our Energy Management Services, reach out to our Solar Ambassadors today!

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