Firm to install 1.7MW of solar power in Robinsons malls

Firm to install 1.7MW of solar power in Robinsons malls

ROBINSONS Land Corp (RLC) is consistently taking the green lead in the real estate industry with its expanding use of renewable energy as it continues to pursue the installation of its own solar power facilities in more of its malls nationwide. Here is the article about the benefits of solar power in Robinsons malls.

Realizing their impact on the environment and staying true to the sustainability commitment, RLC expands its solar profile and capacity by adding solar panels on Robinsons Place Jaro in Iloilo City, which opened in September 2016, and on Robinsons Place Pavia in Iloilo province which opened last June 2018.

RLC started the operation of off-grid rooftop solar panels on malls back in 2014 and in 2019, Buskowitz Energy is set to install more than 4,300 solar panels on Robinsons Place Jaro (597.04 kWp) and Robinsons Place Pavia (1,102.28 kWp) a total of 1.7 MW.

Set to start in June and slated to finish in September, the project is just one of many commercial rooftop installations installed by Buskowitz.


Conscious on Enviromental Footprint

As RLC increases their geographical footprint, they have also become more conscious of their malls’ environmental footprint.

As a company envisioning a greener and more sustainable future, this has prompted them to employ measures to mitigate their impact, building malls more responsibly from the ground up, with partner’s dreams considered, thus RLC’s motto, “Your dream, our foundation.”

Buskowitz is happy and excited to be back in the Visayas, where many of our installations and some ongoing projects are located,” says James Buskowitz, CEO of the group.

“Next to schools, Filipinos spend a lot of time in malls, so having solar power on a mall is one fantastic way to educate and spread awareness on renewable energy; and to make mall-going a little less heavy on the environment.”


Focus on Sustainability

Frederick Go, President and CEO of Robinsons Land Corporation said in their Sustainability Report: “At RLC, our focus on sustainability means helping to address the depletion of natural resources. Our buildings are therefore designed to make efficient use of energy, water, and resources. We believe that as a leading property development company with nationwide reach, we have a compelling role to play in realizing the Philippines’ collective aspiration that envisions every Filipino to have a strongly rooted, comfortable, and secure life.”

Apart from Jaro and Pavia, Robinsons Land Corporation has electrified many of their malls across the country, currently totaling 16 MW in operation with a targeted 32 MW, double the current total, before the end of 2019. They also take pride in housing the largest solar-installation on a shopping mall in the country which is Robinsons Starmills located in Pampanga at 2.88 MW, which has been in operation since May 2016.

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