Rooftop Solar PV System

How Can You Keep Track of Your Rooftop Solar PV System?

When making a stock investment, it is only natural that one would like to keep track of the market trends. Likewise, homeowners opting for a fully-functional rooftop solar PV system should also look into their installation’s sun production frequently.

The Solar Home system is made up of 2 components: solar panels, which capture the sun’s photons or irradiance; and the inverter, which helps activate the electrons in the silicon module and convert the harvested energy into electricity to power a residence’s energy requirement. How can one keep track of this?

  1. Use the inverter’s mobile application, which provides an internal monitoring platform that allows residents to track their home’s solar production.
  2. For example, one of Buskowitz Solar’s frequent providers is Canadian Solar. Simply sign in to Canadian Solar to monitor the energy generated by one’s solar system.
  3. For those who have an inverter product that doesn’t automatically monitor the solar production through a digital platform, one may directly check this data on their inverter’s display screen.

    Kilowatt Production Per Day – 26. 1 real time
    Kilowatt Production Per Month – 2,320 megawatt hours
    Megawatt Hours Per Year
    Total Megawatt Production to-date

  4. Of course, a Buskowitz Solar ambassador from the Operations and Maintenance team would be more than happy to assist in providing the figures and monthly updates on one’s Solar Home energy generation.


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Do you need help to keep track of your rooftop PV solar system? For more information and inquiries, reach out to Buskowitz Solar’s Operations and Maintenance team at

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