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How does Buskowitz Energy help restore the Earth?

Earth day is one of the biggest annual events being held globally to support the environmental movement to protect our planet. It was founded in 1970 when thousands of people gathered together in the United States to voice out awareness about environmental issues. Let us discuss how we can restore our earth.


Restore our Earth

With the theme “Restore our Earth”, this year’s celebration focuses on natural processes, emerging green technologies, and innovative thinking that can restore the world’s ecosystem. People are encouraged to speak-up for our Mother Nature and be part of the movement to help fight climate change.

Buskowitz Energy believes that each of us has the power to restore our planet by making contributions in our own little ways. And this power starts in your home. Our behavior and habits  can make a big impact in saving our Mother Earth. When you recycle at home, you are already making a contribution. By turning off your lights and other appliances when not in use, you are helping restore the Earth. When you go grocery shopping, bring an eco-bag instead of using plastic bags. If you are a certified “plantita” or “plantito”, you are already helping the environment heal.


Green Technology

Additionally, Green technology has also been developed to create environmental-friendly technologies to save and protect our ecosystem from harm. In the past few years, one of the green technologies that is making a great impact in our environment is the solar PV system. According to a report by the  United Nations in 2018, solar energy dominated global investment at $160.8 billion in 2017. This shows that more and more homeowners and businesses are now joining the movement in going green by installing solar panels.


Buskowitz Energy helps restore Earth

We at Buskowitz Energy have always been part of this movement for nine years now. Our advocacy to help our Earth from climate change through solar energy has been making a great contribution in the Philippines. We are restoring our Earth in our own ways with our 168 installed projects in the country.

By offering rooftop solar photovoltaic alternatives to both commercial and residential clients alike, Buskowitz has currently produced 739,999 megawatt-hours, which is equivalent to saving 234,578,540 liters of gasoline from being consumed; 602,537,838 pounds of coal from being burned, and 1,275,033 barrels of oil from being used. Likewise, the company has sequestered carbon equivalent to 14,272,532 tree seedlings grown for 10 years and planting 262,507 hectares of Philippine forests in 1 year.  Energy production aside, Buskowitz takes pride in utilizing rooftop solar photovoltaic installations. With only 18% of the Philippines lands left for agriculture, we encourage our business partners in all industries to install on their roof rather than arable land.


Join our Renewable Energy Movement

We take great pride in helping homeowners and business owners to help save the world one system at a time–using their green energy consumption to lessen their carbon footprint. We always believe that we can make a change. And that we have the power to save our Mother Earth.


Talk to our solar expert to join the renewable energy movement today.

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