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How Does Solar Energy Compare with Fossil Fuels’ E-Waste?

In today’s world, going green has become more popular than ever. Generations are slowly waking up to see that our planet and its resources are finite. This is particularly felt within the energy sector. So it is important to know the differences of use in solar energy with fossil fuels.


Effects of fossil fuel energy

With significant advances in green technology in the recent decades, the use of crude oil still outweighs renewable energy by 32%. A study done by Stanford University reports that around 90 countries produced 1.7 gigatons of carbon dioxide by processing and burning crude oil, this, in turn, accounts for 5% of global emissions or electronic waste made.

So how does the power of the sun really stack up against fossil fuels, and why is there so much excitement about the growth of solar?

Unlike solar energy, fossil fuels have to be located, extracted, and transported before they can be used in the market. The extraction process of such fuels are often invasive and destructive to the excavation ground.

In line with this, fossil fuels must go through a process of being burned for it to be converted to usable electricity. The result of the burning process leads to unwanted byproducts or electrical waste in the form of greenhouse gases and combustion waste

Effects of solar energy

Apart from being a sustainable source of energy, it is found that most homeowners decide to utilize their rooftop and switch to a solar PV system to help cover the cost of their daily electrical needs. With the current heatwave, it is no wonder that most homes and offices are making the switch to energy-saving strategies to beat the summer heat.

Lastly, the use of solar panels, particularly a rooftop solar PV system, to harness energy requires little to no maintenance. For example, household solar panels usually come with a 20-25 year warranty and typically require basic cleaning at least bi-annually. On the other hand, the harnessing and maintenance of fossil fuel as an energy source drives significant costs due to the mining, conversion, and transportation of the fuel produced. 

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