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How Going Solar Helps You Give Back to the Earth

Our Sun is not only an incredible star in our sky, but also a great renewable resource that has the power to fuel all life on Earth, whilst also providing clean and sustainable energy to all of its inhabitants.  To put it into perspective, more energy from the Sun reaches our planet in 1 hour than the energy used by the entire population of the Earth in 1 year. With all this amassed energy, one wonders: how does going for solar will impact our surrounding environment, and what good does it do to make the switch to solar energy?


Here are five ways solar energy benefits our planet:


  1. Less Air Pollution

    When living in a highly-dense city like Metro Manila, it is common to have poor quality of air as cars, houses, and buildings continuously depend on fossil fuel.

    Fossil Fuel is generally known to produce a ton of air pollutants such as smog and acid rain. These elements are bad for the environment, the city landscape, and our overall health.


  3. Reduced Water Damage

    Generally, a dam is built to generate electricity at a flowing water source. While this seems harmless, the over construction of dams may also disrupt the environment. Some consequences include: blocking the migration of aquatic wildlife; increased flooding in the surrounding communities; and landslides from digging water reservoirs.

    Reducing the dependency on dams and making the switch to solar as a source of electricity is a greener option to help preserve our environment.


  5. Not Dependent on Non-Renewables

    Going solar helps reduces our electrical expenses at home and lowers our dependence on non-renewable energy sources. Currently, most homes and business continually rely on fossil fuels—a perishable resource—which will surely deplete our limited reserves in the immediate future.

    In our current trajectory, we have about 52.8 years worth of reserves left. Hence, it is critical for us to switch to more renewable sources, like solar energy, today!


  7. Improves Your Family’s Health and Safety

    Did you know that according to WHO, 3.8 million premature deaths happen yearly due to diseases triggered from an exposure to Household Air Pollutants—all mainly caused by using kerosene. To reduce the cost of electricity, studies show that 3,022,041 Filipino households cook their meals on a kerosene-powered stove.

    Making the switch to solar allows you to reduce your energy consumption; gives you the financial freedom to use eco-friendly and health-conscious appliances; and helps reduce the chances of a fire occurring in your home. Truly, harnessing the power of the sun will help improve your family’s overall safety and well-being.


  9. Helps Combat Climate Change

    The biggest factor and benefit on our list is the ongoing issue to combat climate change. The continuous dump of environmental pollutants from fossil fuels, coupled with the Carbon Dioxide pumped into the air definitely takes its toll on our planet.

    Why does global warming happen? While there are many factors that contribute to this, our lowering supply of breathable air and increasing carbon count causes our atmosphere to hold on to the sun’s heat more than it normally should.

    The dramatic changes in the condition of our air continue to have an effect on different climates, causing some regions to heat up, and others to cool significantly. These sudden shifts of atmospheric temperatures causes weather patterns everywhere to become more sudden and volatile.

    By making the switch to solar we are reducing our CO2 emissions, consequently slowing down the clock to climate change.

How you can enjoy the environmental benefits of going solar with Buskowitz Energy?

We at Buskowitz believe that sustainability is the true bottom line. We make no compromise in developing a greener future for all generations, and truly believe that energy from our Sun can be harnessed by all.

Whether you are looking make an impact in creating a greener Earth, or simply want to save money on your monthly electric bill, we at Buskowitz Energy have got you covered.

Reach out to our Solar Ambassadors today to make that switch!

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Taylor Abrams
September 15, 2022

I really love what you said about how making the change to solar can reduce your consumption of energy and help lessen the chance of a fire breaking out in your home. My husband’s looking into solar system construction for our entire house seeing as we won’t only help the environment but also save costs on water and electricity bills. This article validated how we feel about renewable energies so thank you very much!


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