How renewable energy can revitalise your CSR initiatives

How renewable energy can revitalize your CSR initiatives?

As the planet warms to levels too dangerous to support life, renewable energy is growing in popularity as one method to stop the warming. Sustainable energy initiatives have become especially popular in the business sector as more people are becoming aware and are questioning the businesses that provide them the services they enjoy. One way a business can quickly incorporate renewables is by making it part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

While it may seem daunting to those who have never looked into them, the benefits of choosing sustainable energy initiatives should be enough to convince anyone that renewable energy is the way to go for any CSR program. In fact, they are likely to revitalize the programs and projects altogether. Here are just five reasons why and how choosing renewable energy is not only sustainable, but benefits your company in other ways.


It’s popular

No court is quite as powerful as the court of public opinion, and right now any company that invests in renewable energy, has sustainable energy initiatives, or uses it in their corporate social responsibility programs benefits from gaining favor in the public’s opinion. People are more likely to think well of companies who are trying to be responsible about their carbon footprint and are creating and supporting projects that are sustainable and use renewables. If people think well of your company, the support follows.


It can reduce your carbon footprint

Every person on earth has a carbon footprint, which is the amount of carbon emitted through the use of fossil fuels. Every company also has a carbon footprint. By reducing the footprint, a company becomes “greener” or “cleaner.” By investing in renewable energy or sustainable energy initiatives, companies can reduce their carbon footprint to neutrality, even to the point of becoming carbon negative. Solar power installations, for example, take two years to reach carbon neutrality, and following that the installation just contributes to reducing the person or company’s footprint.


It is an ongoing or sustainable program

The need for sustainable energy initiatives will never stop. Fossil fuels are on the decline, but the demand for energy is growing. That means there is always a need for renewable energy, which also means the programs will never end. A well thought out CSR plan can include renewable energy and have it as a cornerstone for years to come.


It helps your bottom line

All sustainable energy initiatives help companies save money. Even if an investment needs to be made in the beginning, before too long the company gets to enjoy the money saving benefits that renewables give. As part of your corporate social responsibility, simply committing to the maintenance of a solar installation for a developing community can come out much cheaper than having a new project each year. This gives the company more room to invest in other projects or to save the money for a bigger project.


It applies to everything

Renewable energy, especially solar power, can be used in every industry. Similarly, sustainable energy initiatives can be used in almost any sector. If your company’s thrust is to support renewables as part of your corporate social responsibility, you will find that you won’t run out of ideas or projects. On one year you can sponsor the solar power installation of a school, on another year you can sponsor the installation of an off-grid solar power system in a fishing community, on another year you can help install solar panels on an orphanage, etc. Everyone everywhere can use renewable energy, so it is unlikely there will be a lack of options.

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