How Solar Power Can Save Your Business Long Term

How Solar Power Can Save Your Business Long Term

Each year, more and more small and medium enterprises are looking for alternative ways to lessen their spending without sacrificing too many of their resources. Did you know that one of the easiest methods of saving up money is by installing a photovoltaic solar panel system for your business? 

Let’s look at some of the economic and social benefits of installing a solar panel in the Philippines and how business owners should invest early if they want to maximize the benefit.

Great Return on Investment

The price of installing solar panels has decreased over the past few years, making it affordable even for small to medium enterprises. With proper research and knowledge of how solar panels work, you’ll realize that what you paid for in a solar panel installation makes up for the MASSIVE savings you’ll get instantly. 

To give you an idea, if your average electric bill for your business is P51,000 per month, having a photovoltaic solar panel system installed will allow you to save about ₱12,750-30,600 per month

Low Maintenance Costs

Solar Low Maintenance

Maintaining your solar panels for home and business use is easy and sometimes all you need to do is keep it clean to attain its optimal efficiency. If your solar panels need maintenance work, Buskowitz offers maintenance for a minimal fee. 
Solar panels usually have a long lifespan of 25-40 years, depending on how often you clean or maintain them. Buskowitz panels have warranty periods of up to 25 years for customers.

It Can Help Your Brand Image

Solar Brand Image

There has been a huge increase in people choosing brands that are eco-conscious and are implementing business decisions with the environment in mind. With this, having a PV solar panel system is a positive PR boost that lets people know solar energy in the Philippines is strong and you are one of those who have made a conscious effort to help the environment.

Be Part of the Bigger Picture

Solar Saves

In the last few years, temperatures in the Philippines and around the world have been among the warmest on record, mostly due to fossil fuel burning. However, other countries have been catching up on the trend of trying to provide clean energy by using renewable power sources. There was even a report that the United Kingdom has used more renewable energy than fossil fuels for some time last year. 

Getting a solar power system installed will greatly help the environment by contributing to fewer greenhouse gas emissions. By adopting solar power or any renewable energy, you are helping not just the country, but the world, be a greener place. 

The technology is evolving and innovations are still coming through, so we might see more benefits in the future. For now, business owners who are forward thinkers will greatly reap the benefits of having solar power in their businesses. 

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edgardo logrono
June 8, 2020

is this company own locally?

how much do i need to spend for my house with four rooms and one aircon. 5 horsepower. thanks

June 12, 2020

How much for 5kw residential. Pleased send a quote. Monthly bill of 9,500k. Metro Manila


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