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How To Choose the Best Solar Quotation

Are you having difficulty deciding on which solar package or quotation is the best fit for your home or business? If yes, then you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed, lost, confused, or probably everything! No need to worry, as our solar experts have created a checklist to help you choose the best quotation for you:


  1. Inclusions

    You’d like to make sure first that the proposal is inclusive of everything, with no hidden fees and as transparent as possible. In our checklist you’ll discover what a solar proposal should include, if they are not included, it’s best to ask immediately if that requires an additional payment or if you need to find another team to do it!


  3. Warranties

    Warranties are ALWAYS included for the components and the workmanship. So, it’s one easy way to compare the packages you’ve received. Of course, the better warranty they offer, the more secured you are with what you’re getting.

    These warranties acts as safety-nets when unforeseen events occur with solar systems, and as an assurance that the products and services rendered to your solar photovoltaic system are one of the best in the market.


  5. Components’ Brand and Specifications

    The components brands can tell you a lot about the system you are getting. Much like with our televisions or other appliances, getting from a reputable brand is always the best way to purchase. Other than the fact it’s a brand loved by many, choosing a reputable brand also means choosing a stable company. Because regardless of how long the warranty they offered is, if a company closes in the near future, then the warranties are of no use, as well.


  7. Per Kilowatt-Price

    Since companies offer different inclusions and different system sizes, comparing the prices you’re getting may not be the ideal way to do it. Instead, in able for you to get an apples-to-apples comparison, it’s best to do it through the per kilowatt price. 

    In able to compute for the kilowatt price, just simply get the VAT Exclusive Proposal Price, then divide it by the system size (kWp). Seems a lot? Don’t worry as we also included the formula in our checklist to save your time from computing!

Now that you know what to expect, make sure to get a copy of our checklist! And if you have any questions about getting a solar photovoltaic system, make sure to spark a conversation with our of our solar experts at info@buskowitz.com. You may visit also our website at www.buskowitz.com to learn more about our Signature Solar Home packages and our products and services. 

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