How to Clean Solar Panels

How to Clean Solar Panels

Solar panel cleaning can be as easy as counting to three. It may not take three seconds to complete the cleansing process, but it is quite simple and effortless. Why clean solar panels? The importance of solar panel cleaning allows for optimal efficiency of the Solar Home system to generate more energy for one’s household. Here are Buskowitz’s 4 recommended steps to keep one’s solar photovoltaic rooftop installation spotless:


Method 1: Use Air Pressure
Clean the soft dirt or dust-like substances on modules with air pressure.  If excessive soiling or dirt has piled up on the solar panel’s surface, brush the solar panel’s surface with a non-conductive brush or a sponge first.


Method 2: Dry or Clean with a Brush
Ensure that any brushes or agitating tools are constructed with non-conductive materials to minimize risk of electric shock. This also prevents the material from scratching the glass or the aluminum frame. Use an environmentally-friendly cleaning solution if you notice that grease is present on the solar panels. 


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Other tips to keep your solar panels clean:

  1. Refrain from scraping or rubbing the surface of the solar panel when dry, as this will cause micro-scratches on the glass’ surface. 
  2. The orientation of each panel matters. Request for your Solar Home system to be installed using diagonal mounting. This allows solar cells to be maintained and cleaned quickly as sediments will only accumulate at the bottom corner of each panel.
  3. Air dry or clean your panel with a brush every quarter to keep it clean.
  4. Finally, one may also request for a Buskowitz Energy Operations and Maintenance team to help with their Solar Home system’s quarterly housekeeping.


General maintenance and upkeep of a solar installation is only a small fraction of what it’s like to invest in a Solar Home system. Learn more and better understand your solar panel installation with other tips from Buskowitz Energy.

To schedule your rooftop solar PV system for a quarterly general cleaning, call (028) 801 0074 or (0906) 566 2246, and look for Carlos Dela Rosa or Jaylord Matanguihan. 

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