How to Reduce Electrical Costs at Home

How to Reduce Electrical Costs at Home

Anyone who pays a non-fixed bill understands the anxiety that comes when the envelope arrives. It’s that bit of dread you feel, wondering what number is going to be at the bottom of a list of items. This is the common story of anyone who pays for their household electricity. The truth of the matter is that it is an anxiety easily eliminated. All it takes is a bit of discipline, and a bit more savvy on how to reduce electrical costs at home.


  1. Let the light in!! Draw back your curtains, pull up your shades, and open your windows while the sun is out. Not only do you benefit from not needing to turn on electric lights, but you also get to circulate the air in your home, which is better for your belongings (you don’t risk their getting moldy) and your lungs (fresh air is always better than air-conditioned). In the evening, only turn on the lights you need, and turn lights off before you leave a room.

  3. Look at what uses electricity. Have you switched to LEDs? Not only are they cheaper, but they don’t have mercury, which is a poison and pollutant. Have you switched to EnergyStar appliances? If you haven’t, are you maintaining your appliances so that they work at maximum efficiency? Make sure you clean the vents and change the filters of your air-conditioning units and keep everything else in proper working order. This makes sure you don’t overwork them, and they don’t consume too much power.

  5. One of the best ways to reduce electrical costs at home is to use your smart gadgets the smart way. Turn them off when you don’t use them, hook them up to power strips that you can switch off, and just don’t keep anything on standby mode, especially if you don’t intend to use it daily. The extra minute is not going to cost you much, but the vampire load will!

    Extra tip: Try ceiling fans over air-conditioners, and use a bit of elementary science to work it to your advantage. When it’s hot, spin the fan counter-clockwise so that it helps the hot air rise. When it’s slightly cooler, spin the fan clockwise to trap heat in the room. Many modern fans have this option.


  7. Go solar! Forget the idea that solar energy is expensive. What you pay for initially in solar panel installation more than makes up for what you save in the long run. AND, some Philippine solar companies offer flexible payment schemes with their systems. Do a bit of research, and find out how affordable it can be.

  9. Have a look at the systems of your house. Sometimes, the best way to reduce electrical costs at home is to change small things here and there. For example, making time to do the groceries once a week so you can keep just one refrigerator instead of doing the groceries for a full month and keeping three refrigerators! Not only does this help you cut your bill, but you end up eating healthier and fresher food!

Any one of these tips can help you lower that electric bill. Try them out one by one and see how your anxiety goes down with each of those monthly payments.

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