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How to Safely Commute during the COVID19 Pandemic

In the early days of the pandemic, the whole world had reached a consensus that despite wearing masks or other protective wear, the threat of the COVID-19 virus was too risky to have public transportation available. So it is important to know how to safely commute during the COVID19 pandemic.

Fast forward to a year later, travel restrictions have slowly been easing up now that we are more well-informed of the effects of the virus, and what we can do to prevent its spread. Here are some tips to keep safe when commuting during the COVID19 pandemic:


  1. Wear your face mask and face shield

    Wearing a face mask and shield has become a norm for the general public, and it’s worth reiterating that protecting your nose, mouth, and eyes with this protective equipment can shield you from getting the COVID-19 virus into your system.


  3. Practice physical distancing

    Just like wearing your mask and face shield, the practice of social distancing is still very important to this day. By avoiding crowded spaces and keeping at least a 2-meter distance from people who are not from your household, you are less at risk of contracting the virus from an asymptomatic carrier.


  5. Practice good hygiene

    Washing your hands regularly may not be enough to contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Besides keeping yourself and your surroundings clean, you must also avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth even when wearing a mask as your hands may still contain harmful bacteria that may infect these areas.


  7. Dispose of your trash properly

    Do not leave your used tissues lying around as they are considered contaminants to any surface they come in contact with. It is highly advised that after you use your tissue paper, that it is properly disposed of in a trash bin to avoid contaminating others with this biohazard waste.


  9. Avoid touching surfaces

    This pandemic has shed a harsh light on the sanitation of the public transportation vehicles available to us, and although extra measures have been taken in order to keep our commute clean it would be an additional safety measure for us to reduce our contact on public surfaces.


  11. Do not eat or drink while in transit

    Prior to the pandemic, it has become a norm for some people to grab a bite to eat or drink while commuting. However, with the increased risk of getting the COVID-19 virus in public spaces, we must refrain from eating or drinking while in public transit as we might share this confined space with a possible asymptomatic carrier.

By taking these extra steps in our daily commute, we can secure our safety and the safety of our families when we come home at the end of the day.

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