How to Secure Power in your Home

Rotational blackouts happen when the demand for electricity peaks while power supplies become insufficient. This means that distribution utilities end up having to cut off electricity in non-critical sectors – such as households – to ensure the reliability of the grid. Just in the last year alone, the Philippines has had to face numerous country-wide blackouts due to inclement weather and dwindling energy supply with everyone working from home. So how can you secure power in your home during these unprecedented times?


  1. Monitor your usage

    Take an inventory of the items or devices that you would need on a daily basis and track just how much energy you usually use per device. From there, you can pre-plan ahead the appliances or devices that would need a back-up battery in the event power goes out in your residence.

    It is also helpful to monitor your electricity usage to gauge what gadgets or appliances you would not need to have plugged in most of the time – In turn, this can help you reduce costs and overall power consumption.


  3. Get a generator

    Home generators are a handy way for us to reserve backup electricity in case of an outage. However, this can be costly as it requires fuel, which needs to be replace every so often when it is in use.

    Additionally, the cost of installation and monthly maintenance can stack up on the already mounting pile of bills.


  5. Switch to renewables

    When switching to renewable energy, like solar, an off-grid or grid-tied system can provide more independence from your local utility provider. This in turn helps secure constant energy production for your residence during a scheduled rotational blackout by your utility provider.

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