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How To Understand Your Electricity Bill

Summer days are drawing closer, just a few days from now and the scorching heat of the Philippines will soon be felt again. At this time where air-conditioner are used more often or where people opt to spend more times indoors, it’s no surprise to see a sudden surge on electricity bills. But of course, drastic change in your average billing could still get you pondering.

Whether you’re in the midst of checking if you are billed the right amount or  just trying to understand the piece of paper your Distribution Utility sends you every month, we’re breaking down its parts to help you learn how to understand your electricity bill:

Meralco Electricity Bill 2023

  1. Account Details

    The upper part of the electricity bill includes the details of the account, which consists the account owner’s details and the Distribution Utility branch where it’s under.
    The account owner details should include the name, address, and the meter number in the upper left portion of the bill–these details are the easiest way to tell if the right bill was delivered or sent to you. On the side is the Distribution Utility details, the address or branch in this area is where your account is under. In cases where you have an inquiry, you can’t just visit any branch, instead you’ll have to go to the branch stated in your bill. The same goes when you are applying for Net-Metering or an additional meter in your home.


  3. Your Electric Bill

    The “Your Electric Bill” portion provides data regarding the month’s billing; the dates covered, when the meter reading was done, the account’s customer type and the total energy consumption for the month (in kilowatt-hour or kWh).
    But how is this important? In this part, we’d like to highlight these two and what you need to know about them:

    • Customer Type (Previously called as ‘Rate’) – For home-owners, your bill should be under the residential customer type. If in case you’re classified under a different type, such as Business Power or General Service, you may have to get in touch with Meralco to verify it.
    • Your Rate This Month – The per kWh rate varies depending on the customer type, and it’s inclusive of government charges and other fees, as well. If you’re curious of how it is computed, you may find the breakdown in the Bill Computation Summary. By comparing this rate with your previous billing, you can easily know if your Distribution Utility has increased or decreased their selling price.

  5. Bill Computation Summary

    This is a lot of people’s most or least favorite part of the bill, as this includes the amount payable for the month. Other than the amount here, this part includes the Customer Account Number or CAN, a 10-digit number that is is vital when settling your monthly bills.
    As previously mentioned, the breakdown of the additional charges can be found under here, as well. But for further details and an even more clarified computation, the back of the bill will help you with it.



  7. Consumption Explanation and Graph

    This portion summarizes your consumption. Through the graph, you can easily compare your energy usage for the past few months. It also includes the average kWh consumption per day or per month, which could tell if the increase or decrease in the amount of the bill is caused by your usage.
    In case you’d be checking your bill, you can do so by adding the kWh consumption of all your appliances and checking if it’s close to the average daily consumption in your bill. But do you know your appliances could consume more energy in summer? During summer or days when it’s hotter, appliances with compressor work more to cool itself, take an air-conditioner for example, which would require more effort to cool a room during the summer. This means that although your energy consumption has not changed, your bill may still increase.

It is indeed frustrating to experience sudden increase in our electricity bills, but understanding its cause could at the very least ease our worries. But if you no longer want to stress yourself with the rising prices, let’s solve it through generating your own clean energy with solar power. Spark a conversation with one of our solar experts at to learn more about how you could live a life powered by the sun with Buskowitz Energy.

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