Innovations in the EV market

Innovations in the Electric Vehicle Market

The electric vehicle market has become a billion-dollar industry and has created sustainable jobs worldwide. With all the automobiles being manufactured and sustainability being a trend, it is only inevitable that eco-friendly cars have started to become the kings on the road. One of the leading innovators in this industry is Tesla. Unlike other car brands that started by producing non eco-friendly cars, Tesla has managed to work its way to the top by mainly focusing on electric vehicles.

A lot of other automobile manufacturers are now joining in the E.V. trend. With several manufactures competing to capture the market share in the E.V. sector, what does it take to become number 1? We believe, it all comes down to the specs—listed below are 3 new innovations in the EV market:

  1. Battery

    One of the top innovations in the EV market are battery-operated vehicles: Lithium-ion batteries, to be precise. Battery manufacturers are spending their money on research and development to improve the longevity and storage density of the lithium-ion batteries.


  3. Powertrain

    This makes power conversion easier. Currently, non-electric vehicles use a combustion engine, which burns gas. Hot gases are then formed to move the wheels and propel the car. On the other hand, electric vehicles use an electric motor, thus converting chemical power from the battery to motion on the wheels. Electrical power is more readily available for conversion into propelling the car whereas chemical power needs to be transformed by burning and thus making the process more complex.


  5. Reduction of complexity

    The process of reducing the necessary maintenance and improving the cost efficiency of electric cars is one of the major innovations in the EV industry. The method reduces the probability of wear and tear due to less moving parts, and allows for an easier method to maintain electric-powered vehicles, as compared to that of gas-powered vehicles. For example: The use of oil is no longer needed. Parts such as the belt drives and cylinder pistons are removed.

Electric vehicles are practical, eco-friendly, and help lower one’s daily carbon footprint. Making it a good purchase since it saves time and money.

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