Renewable Energy Systems

Investing Solar Energy in the Philippines

As the Philippines continues to face the mounting energy crisis brought by the steady depletion of the Malampaya Gas Field–which supplies 40% of Luzon’s energy consumption–the call for alternative energy solutions is paramount.


Renewable Energy Investment

Over the past three years, a new surge of digital renewable energy investing is on the rise. This is due to the fact that compared to previous years, clean energy has now become more cost-effective and reliable with integrations like A.I. into the Solar  PV system.

Additionally, established legislations by the Philippine Department of Energy (DOE) such as the  declared  coal moratorium and R.A. 11285 “The Energy Efficiency & Conservation Act”, has helped open the country’s renewable energy market further.

In effect to this, the Philippines is now reported to be the second-highest investment destination for renewables across Southeast Asia with the projected addition of 53 gigawatts of renewable capacity in the region in the next 10 years against the current capacity of 36 gigawatts.


Solar Power is the Best Alternative Energy Solution

Though we still have a long way to go in terms of leaning off of oil and gas for energy sources, there is no denying that alternative energy solutions, like solar power, is here to stay for good.

Just recently, a multitude of large companies like Vivant Corporation have diversified their renewable energy portfolio by investing in Solar EPC firms.


So how can we Filipinos start investing in renewable energy?

  1. What you can do at Home – Get ahead of the energy crisis and invest in sustainable home improvements, such as Solar PV systems to increase the market value of your home.
  2. What you can do Online – Invest in highly lucrative stocks like Canadian Solar, which is one of the top 3 most sought after renewable energy stocks in the world, via the Stock Market.
  3. What you can do Directly – Investing in renewable energy does not always have to mean going off-shore or to the Stock Market. You can also opt to go directly to local companies that deal with producing or generating renewable energies like Solar.

Making the switch and investing in Solar Energy in the Philippines has never been so easy!

To earn more on how you can be a part of this change, check out our other blog articles or reach out to our Solar Ambassadors today.

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July 9, 2021

Very informative. It shift my mindset to focus on renewable energy as time goes by.

Purvi Singh
August 31, 2021

Nice blog to read.

May 25, 2022

I don’t really see solar as a national solution to energy because it provides no baseload power at night time. However, for individuals to be energy independent it’s a great investment, as long as you have enough batteries for your energy consumption at night time.


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