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Managing your energy consumption while working from home

Did you know that you can work from home without increasing your electricity bill? Here is the guide on how to manage your energy consumption while working at home.

It’s been almost a year now since the Philippines was hit by the novel COVID -19 virus. It has made a drastic change and impact, not just in our country, but in the whole world. The business industry has undeniably been the most affected. Some companies have closed down, while others are still striving to survive. Since then, there have been a lot of changes in our lifestyle and in the work set up. According to a survey made by Sprout Solutions, it was discovered that 72% of their client companies are working remotely. 

But what does working from home mean for an employee? For some, it can be spending more time with their family as they no longer have to travel to the office, saving them more time.  Regardless of our reasons, working from home means using your own resources. Be it your gadgets, laptops, internet connection and most of all, electricity! When you work in the office, the company pays for the electricity bill. But when you work from home, you pay for your consumption–which is why it is vital that we become conscious about how we manage our energy consumption at home.


Here are some tips on how to maintain your electricity bill while working from home.

  1. Use energy efficient appliances – A household that uses a lot of appliances consumes more energy. One way to reduce your consumption is by using energy-efficient appliances.  Investing in these technologies will help you save from your electricity bill.

  3. Unplug your unused electronics – We can’t avoid using our gadgets, laptops and appliances simultaneously while working from home. But we can manage this by being more responsible. When not in-use, turn off and unplug your appliances. Charge your gadget efficiently. Make sure that you shutdown your computer or laptops after work so it will not drain your battery.

  5. Turn off the lights when not needed – Here’s another tip! Do not leave your room without turning off the light. Make it a  rule in your home. You will keep wasting the energy when you keep them on.

  7. Use natural light – Daylighting is one of the keys to decrease your electricity bill! You don’t really need your bulbs during the day. Make use of the sunlight. A north facing window can help bring the natural light in your home.

  9. Use power strips – Power strips help us save energy and money. It minimizes the amount of standby power wasted by your devices. 

  11. Solar Home System – The best way to manage your energy is by using a solar panel system for your home. You can save up to 60% from your average monthly electricity bill. At the same time, it saves you from the unpredictable increase of energy rates in the summer.

There are more ways to manage our energy consumption. Let’s be more responsible in using our appliances and be a smart homeowner. By doing so, you are helping to save not your electricity bill but our environment as well.


Make the switch today.

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