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Mother’s Day: Super Moms Make a Sustainable Home!

For this year’s Mother’s Day, join us as we give special thanks to all the super moms out there who make lives better for their family and to those who are building a sustainable home. Let’s take a moment, and celebrate our special mom, mommy, mama, or nanay by doing these special yet sustainable gifts!


  1. Scrapbooks

    – eternalize all the mom-ents by making this sustainable scrapbook. Fill it with photos and design with cut-outs from your old magazines to make it vibrant!

    Tip: leave a couple of pages empty, you and your mom could fill it with more memories in the future.

    Scrap Books
    Photo by: Charan Sai


  3. Indoor Spice Garden

    – if your mom loves plants or cooking, then this is one of the best sustainable gifts you can give this Mother’s day. With prices rising, we must think of a way to save without compromising quality. And producing our own spices, crops, or vegetables in our home, is a cheap and healthy way to do it!

    Photo by: Annie Spratt


  5. Mom’s Wonder Woman Kit

    – With moms wanting the best for their family, it is to be expected they also want the tidiest, cleanest, and the most organized home. Just like Wonder Woman, moms are also our hero, hence why it only makes sense to gift her her own Wonder Woman Kit, that can help her save the home from dirt and germs! And you can make it better by giving her an all natural cleaning kit. Want to make your natural cleaning products gift even better? Make it with love by making it on your own! From scented all-purpose cleaner,  to kitchen cleaner and deodorizer, you will find a lot of Do-It-Yourself products for this gift.

    Mother is cleaning
    Photo by: Mart Production

Make Mother’s day weekend special with these effort-filled and mom-entous gifts that could be enjoyed not only by the super moms out there, but families as well. And to all the mothers out there, happy mother’s day! You make the world a better place.

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