National Skip the Straw Day 2024

In 2017, a group of teenage activists called the Coral Keepers established Skip the Straw Day to recur every fourth Friday in February. Amid frequent and intense conversations about the state of the planet and the potentially fatal effects of plastic waste on creatures in the world’s largest oceans, these high school students from Whitehall, Michigan, decided to establish the day in order to educate others about the many biodegradable alternatives to these small but potent cylindrical sippers.

Did you know that paper straws have been around longer than plastic ones? The reason for the transition was due to the fact that people were dissatisfied with paper straws for losing sturdiness when submerged in liquids.

In commemoration of National Skip the Straw Day, celebrated on the fourth Friday of February, we at Buskowitz Energy would like to showcase the importance of reducing plastic waste and what it does to negate our end goal of saving the environment. Here are three simple yet effective ways we can contribute to National Skip the Straw Day.


Opt for straw-less drinks. Luckily, more companies from the food and beverage industry, whether international or local, are now opting for paper straws or discouraging the use of plastic straws, with some being creative and using pasta straws. Others even provide specialized cups with a spout for easier consumption, especially for takeouts.


Reusable straws: Reusable straws, may they be in the form of bamboo or metal, have been around for quite some time now. Although there is a difference in prices nowadays, there are quite a few manufacturers of reusable straws, which has increased production and saturated the market, hence decreasing its price.


Put it in a tumbler. Nowadays, some beverage-specialized companies offer discounts when you bring your own tumbler when purchasing your favorite drink. This way, you can save money and enjoy your drink while saving the environment.

By doing so, we could reduce the average annual plastic waste of 800kg in the country. A bonus tip would be to donate your plastic waste to organizations such as Plastic Flamingo

where they collect and repurpose our used plastic waste by making it into home fixtures such as chairs, tables, and even building foundations such as bricks, etc.

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