A New, Clean Year - Ringing in to 2020 with an Eco-Friendly State-of-Mind

New Year Resolutions for a Sustainable Lifestyle

A new year calls for New Year resolutions for a sustainable lifestyle. According to The New York Times, the right resolution is not only doable, but is also meaningful. Consequently, the sense of purpose allows one to continue to aspire and reach their goals past the first month of the year. An advocacy close to Buskowitz Energy’s heart, is the call to go green in one’s everyday life. With sustainability in mind, listed below are 4 big and small eco-resolutions for 2020:


Big Eco-Resolutions


  1. Embrace Minimalism
    Declutter the mind and home of unnecessary furniture, trinkets, and clothing that no longer spark joy. Likewise, using less means wasting less. With a new consciousness of what items spark joy and what one really needs, this simpler way of living will allow one to eventually achieve a zero-waste lifestyle.

  3. Go Solar
    Purchase a solar photovoltaic rooftop installation to lessen the home’s carbon footprint. Why should anyone go solar? Not only does it help one spend less on their electricity bill, but it also allows a household to lessen the CO2 emissions created by their family. In fact, a residence operating using solar panels will become carbon neutral in 2.5 years and carbon negative in succeeding years.

  5. Combine Online Shopping
    Most purchases online are manufactured and delivered from China. Each delivery made from Beijing to Manila generates approximately 383 kilograms of carbon emissions. Imagine, the carbon footprint of each delivery per item is equivalent to charging 48,837 smartphones or turning on 15 incandescent light bulbs. With that in mind, online shoppers should start purchasing multiple orders from the same e-vendor to avoid having deliveries distributed from different countries, thus lessening their carbon footprints.

  7. Choose to be a more sustainable traveler
    Plant a tree for every kilogram of carbon emissions generated to offset the carbon footprints of a recent trip. The Guardian can help one track their destination’s carbon footprint with their Carbon Calculator.

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Everyday Eco-Resolutions


  1. Stop Buying Bottled Water
    Start using glass or stainless steel water containers for daily use. By bringing one’s own tumbler everywhere and anywhere, less plastic will be purchased and thrown away, consequently reducing the number of plastics that crowd the oceans and landfills.

  3. Use a Power Strip
    Instead of plugging appliances directly into a wall socket, use a switch-controlled power strip, which will allow one to completely turn-off the electricity when not needed.

  5. Use an Eco-Bag
    Avoid asking for plastic bags when purchasing groceries, the latest trends in clothing, or simply something new. Instead, start bringing a reusable eco-bag for daily finds.

  7. Choose cloth over paper
    Replace paper with cloth on special occasions. Host special brunches with bespoke table napkins. Other options include serving cold towels to household guests before dinner or going old-fashioned and bringing a handkerchief.

For the sustainability lover or eco-friendly seeker, there are surely many green resolutions that can help one kick-start 2020. Here’s to a sustainable New Year!

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