7 Tips for 7 Years of Success : Buskowitz Group’s Solar Journey

7 Tips for 7 Years of Success : Buskowitz Group’s Solar Journey “Every success story is a tale of constant adaptation, revision, and change.” – Richard Branson It has been seven years since the birth of Buskowitz Group. In honor of its anniversary, Chief Executive Officer James Buskowitz reminisces the company’s solar journey–both the best… View Article

Seven Jobs of the Future : 2020 and Beyond

“Look around you. Everything changes. Everything on this earth is in a continuous state of evolving, refining, improving, adapting, enhancing…changing.” – Steve Maraboli In the recent years, there have been three emerging industries that continue to change the game: the digital, sustainability, and artificial intelligence sectors. According to digital media expert Hootsuite, more than 4,388,000,000… View Article

Sustainability and the Jobs It Has Created

Sustainability has become not just a trend, but also a need in the recent years. There is no doubt that it has developed into a hot career field with new job opportunities being offered to those who are experts in business, energy, biology, and engineering. In fact, according to the U.S. Environmental Defence Fund Climate… View Article

Buskowitz Group Opens Its Doors for a Solar Open House

Last June 15, Buskowitz Group opened the doors to its corporate headquarters with a Solar Open House. The intimate event was a one-day only affair that invited residential owners in Metro Manila. A first for Buskowitz Group, the Solar Open House offered a special 20% discount for homeowners who purchased their solar installation outright, on… View Article

Robinsons to install solar panels in 2 Iloilo malls

Originally published on Business World Online ROBINSONS Land Corp. (RLC) tapped solar panel provider Buskowitz Group to install rooftop solar panels in two of its shopping malls this year. In a statement Monday, Buskowitz Group said it is expanding its agreement with the Gokongwei-led property developer with 4,300 panels scheduled to be put up starting… View Article

Buskowitz Group Powers 16 Schools with the Sun

Originally published on The Daily Guardian   SUSTAINABLE solutions enterprise Buskowitz Group aspires to create a low carbon future for the generations to come. With this vision the company, which specializes in rooftop solar photovoltaic installations, hopes to continue its efforts to help schools transition to renewable energy and harness the power of the sun…. View Article

Buskowitz Group installs 2.10MW solar to 16 schools

Originally published on Power Philippines Meanne Rosales on May 22, 2019   BUSKOWITZ GROUP POWERS 16 CAMPUSES NATIONWIDE WITH SOLAR POWER AS PART OF THEIR GOAL TO CREATE A LOW CARBON FUTURE FOR THE GENERATIONS TO COME.   Schools that were part of this were: the John B. Lacson Foundation in Bacolod and Arevalo; St…. View Article

Buskowitz Offers Renewable Energy Solutions Throughout the Philippines

Originally published on Manila Polo Club Magazine Renewable energy is something the Philippines needs, especially with electricity rates in the country that are among the highest in the world. Seven years ago, Buskowitz Group’s Chief Operating Officer and founder James Buskowitz started his sustainable solutions and integrated services organization, which aimed to accelerate the country’s… View Article

Rise & Shine

Originally published on People Asia Magazine by Jose Paolo S. Dela Cruz Photography by Mark Chester Ang A 2017 study by online employment platform LinkedIn showed that most young professionals are prone to experiencing a quarter-life crisis at the ripe “old” age of 27. On that front alone, James Buskowitz has already proven himself extraordinary…. View Article

Buskowitz’ Brand Ambassador and Sunny with Jacque Advocate Shares Five Ways To Be More Sustainable This Summer

Buskowtiz’ Business Development Manager Jacque Buskowitz shares her five tips on how to be more sustainable this summer. The season calls for planning one’s next adventure, simply letting loose, and keeping the air-conditioning on full blast. While everyone does deserve a much needed break, not all activities are sustainable or renewable (especially that air-conditioning). Here… View Article

We’ve Seen the Light

Originally published on Mantle Magazine. The future of power is so bright that it’s literally the sun. by Dante Gagelonia of Mantle Magazine   The benefits of solar energy are obvious in a near-equatorial archipelago like the Philippines, where exposure to the sun is a national selling point that countless beaches and related tourist spots… View Article

This Pinay Found Her Calling In Her Family’s Eco-Friendly Business

Originally published on Entrepreneur Philippines. Shifting to it can do you a world of good in the long run by Charlene J. Owen of | Jan 26, 2019   These days, budgeting for electricity can make you cringe. It seems like prices are continuously rising, but you can’t really do away with it as it… View Article

CEO James Buskowitz Named Lifestyle Asia Game Changer

This year, our CEO, James Buskowitz was named one of Lifestyle Asia’s Game Changers for the work he is doing in renewable energy and sustainable solutions. Read the full article below: When James Buskowitz was 21 years old, he founded his namesake business, a sustainable solutions company that focuses on providing solar photovoltaic rooftop installations… View Article

Buskowitz Now ISO Certified for Quality Management Systems

ISO Certification is given to companies that meet a framework of business management standards. Certifications can be obtained for a variety of standards, such as quality assurance, information security, health and safety, environment, and more.

This 21-Year-Old Filipina Is Working Towards a Cleaner, Greener Country

Originally published on Preview Magazine. Sales Account Manager, Jacque Buskowitz talks about how she advocates making the country a greener place by convincing people to make the switch to solar power. — by Nicole Cruz This 21-Year-Old Filipina Is Working Towards a Cleaner, Greener Country Meet Jacque Buskowitz, a forward-thinking environmentalist. Nowadays, more and more… View Article

Is the Philippines ready for an RE-dominant mix?

CEO, James Buskowitz on In Focus, a show by Power Philippines. The segment covers how the energy mix affects, not just the environment, but the economy. Buskowitz also makes a case against using arable land for solar farms, believing that embracing the country’s natural agricultural industry helps the economy much better in the long run…. View Article

Buskowitz installs solar PV system in San Carlos building

Originally published on Business World Online SOLAR ENERGY developer Buskowitz on Saturday launched a 1.1-megawatt (MW) system on the rooftop of a commercial building in San Carlos City, Pangasinan. — By Victor V. Saulon, Sub-editor     SOLAR ENERGY developer Buskowitz on Saturday launched a 1.1-megawatt (MW) system on the rooftop of a commercial building… View Article

What it Takes to Go Solar

Last August, CEO James Buskowitz interviewed with ANC on what it takes to go solar in the Philippines. The show focused on how solar power in the Philippines is doing as an industry and how it can help make our country a greener place. James Buskowitz: On what it takes to go solar Harnessing solar… View Article

How renewable energy can revitalise your CSR initiatives

As the planet warms to levels too dangerous to support life, renewable energy is growing in popularity as one method to stop the warming. Sustainable energy initiatives have become especially popular in the business sector as more people are becoming aware and are questioning the businesses that provide them the services they enjoy. One way… View Article

Solar in the Philippines – Facts You Did Not Know

Every day, solar power technology is innovating and changing, making it cheaper and more efficient for home and business owners. In the Philippines, solar power is quickly becoming the renewable energy fo choice due to these innovations becoming more affordable, and as the industry grows, more and more people are becoming curious about how the… View Article

Buskowitz Inaugurates 1 MegaWatt Solar System on San Carlos Town Center

Manila, Philippines, October 2018—Following just three months of installation work, including a setback caused by recent Typhoon Ompong (international name Mangkhut), the Buskowitz solar power company inaugurated its 1.1 MegaWatt installation on San Carlos Town Center in Pangasinan on October 20, 2018.  The installation, which includes more than 4,000 solar panels is the first and… View Article

What is Solar Photovoltaic?

Solar photovoltaic.  It’s a mouthful.  Fortunately, that’s all it is; the concept itself being quite simple.  Discovered in 1932, the “photovoltaic effect” or “PV effect” is the term used for the ability of silicon to create an electric charge after exposure to sunlight.  An element naturally found in sand, silicon absorbs sunlight in such a… View Article

How to Reduce Electrical Costs at Home

Anyone who pays a non-fixed bill understands the anxiety that comes when the envelope arrives.  It’s that bit of dread you feel, wondering what number is going to be at the bottom of a list of items.  This is the common story of anyone who pays for their household electricity.  The truth of the matter… View Article

Buskowitz Energy Wins TWO International Finance Awards

Manila, Philippines, October 2018–The Buskowitz Group of companies received two awards from International Finance Magazine, a bi-monthly business analysis magazine published in the United Kingdom.  Their annual awards bring focus to companies that are innovating and excelling in their field.  Buskowitz received two awards, one as the Most Innovative Solar Energy Company, and another awarded… View Article

A History of Solar Power in the Philippines

Since the discovery of the solar photovoltaic effect in 1932, solar energy technology has developed rapidly.  In less than 100 years, it has become a tested, trusted, and near perfect science that only grows better through the advancements made by researchers.  The United States began selling the technology in 1955, and in that same decade,… View Article

How to Estimate the Cost of Solar Panels on Homes

It is no secret that investing in a solar photovoltaic system can require a considerable amount of money. This is often the biggest factor homeowners consider and wrestle with when thinking about putting solar panels on their homes. It’s the debate of long term savings versus present expenses.  To help make a sound decision assess and learn how to estimate… View Article

Renewable Energy Solutions in the Philippines

The Philippines has long relied on fossil fuels as a primary form of power generation.  To date, despite a several laws on renewable energy, climate change, and electric power, the country continues to invest in and open coal plants, when, in fact, renewable energy solutions are not only available, but are actually more ideal given… View Article

Solar Energy in the Philippines Made Easy

In a country as bright and as sunny as the Philippines, having to pay to turn on lights seems counter-intuitive, and yet that is what every Filipino does day in and day out.  That is why we developed means to make solar photovoltaic technology easy to acquire; because we believe that solar energy in the… View Article

The Next Step: Solar Panel Recyling

The past decade has seen a boom in solar energy.  Though the technology has been around for some time, the recent advances and refinements to solar panels and the overall systems have made going solar more affordable for both businesses and individuals.  Often promoted as one of the cleanest energy options, along with wind power,… View Article

Petron Joins the Buskowitz Portfolio of Companies

Manila, Philippines, August 2018–Philippine oil giant, Petron joins the roster of companies that are making a more environmentally conscious decision and installing Buskowitz solar power in their gas stations.  Beginning with the gas station in West Service Road, Paranaque, Buskowitz Group representative, Jacque Buskowitz, believes this will be the beginning of many more Petron stations…. View Article

The Basics of Solar Panel Systems

Understanding solar panel systems is an important part of owning solar power or electricity in a home or business.  Having a clear idea of a) what the system can do, b) how it works, and c) what the system is composed of will not only help when it comes to the maintenance of the system,… View Article

Choosing a Solar Energy Provider

The reasons for choosing to go solar are easy to understand.  The first obvious benefit is personal; it lowers electricity costs monthly, and annually that could be anywhere between thousands to millions in savings, depending on the system size.  The second benefit is more global; it lowers carbon emissions, helps save trees, betters air quality… View Article

How to buy solar panels in the Philippines in 4 easy steps.

STEP 1 – Understand the product While anyone can definitely buy solar panels by themselves, having panels without an engineering-procurement-construction (EPC) solar company will mean having to DIY the entire system. Unless tinkering and engineering is a hobby, the best thing to do is to find an end-to-end solutions company that will calculate, needs, solar… View Article

How to Buy Solar Panels in the Philippines: Introducing Solar

Why Solar? For many years, solar energy was seen as new, untested, and expensive technology. Not without merit, this view on solar is rooted in its beginnings. The technology has changed drastically in the past three decades, and it has become both reliable and affordable. This short guide will discuss both the basics of solar… View Article

Understanding Your Solar Panel Installation

Solar panels look cool, but do you fully understand what they do and how the system works? Whether you are still just thinking about switching to solar or if you already have an existing solar panel installation, it’s important to understand exactly what those dark, shiny rectangles do! Solar panels are made up of solar… View Article

Why Solar Energy in the Philippines Makes Sense

The present energy situation of the Philippines is that the country is a net importer of fossil fuels. Simply put, we use more power than we can produce and burn. In numbers (from 2012), the Philippines imported 20 million tons of coal to help augment the eight million tons produced in the country. Statistics from… View Article

Buskowitz Installs 1 MegaWatt in San Carlos Pangasinan

Manila, Philippines, June 2018 — Buskowitz Energy is set to install more than 4,000 solar panels on San Carlos Town Center in Pangasinan, the equivalent of 1.1 Megawatt or 1,100 Kilowatt peak. The 20,000 square meter mall is the first and biggest commercial Solar PV System installation in the region with over 8,000 square meters… View Article

Harnessing the Power of the Sun

Why is the Buskowitz Group investing in solar energy? ​ Climate change is real, and the Philippines is one of the countries that will be adversely affected by the catastrophic events associatedwith it. We use our planet’s natural resources to construct unnatural things for our convenience, so I do think it is also our responsibility… View Article

How much does a solar panel REALLY cost?

People are usually skeptic about the solar panel cost but through years of innovation and product development the cost of solar panels has decreased significantly. Solar panels weigh up to 20KG and can be easily mounted on to various roof types, the solar panel installation cost varies from the equipment needed to set the right… View Article

Solar Pricing is going down yearly. Is now a good time to buy?

According to the Solar City CEO Lydon Rive, Solar City being the largest Solar System provider in the US, co-founded by Elon Musk and now a wholly owned subsidiary of Tesla Inc., prices of solar will conservatively drop 3%-5% within the next 5 years, similarly what we have predicted. Rive had a more conservative estimate… View Article

What are Solar Power Panels?

Solar Power Panels refer to a panel designed to absorb the sun’s rays as a source of energy for generating electricity or heating. Concentrated solar panel powered systems use lenses or mirrors and tracking systems to focus a large area of sunlight into a small beam. They are called “solar” panels because most of the time,… View Article

UZ to tap clean solar power amidst persisting blackouts

The Universidad de Zamboanga (UZ) has taken the first step to utilize clean and renewable solar energy as an alternative source of electricity in the city, amidst intermittent power outages that have been persisting here for several years now. The university, in partnership with Buskowitz Development Incorporated (BDI) and Energy Renewables Asia, Incorporated (ERA),  forged… View Article

Universidad de Zamboanga develops P12M solar power project

ZAMBOANGA CITY (MindaNews / 11 March) – The Universidad de Zamboanga (UZ) and the Buskowitz Development, Inc. (BDI) forged on Tuesday a memorandum of agreement (MOA) for the development of a P12-million solar power project in one of the campuses of UZ in this city. The MOA signatories were Atty. Linda Eustaquio-Lim, UZ president, and… View Article

Quick Facts and Thoughts On-Grid Solar System

The title should probably be changed to “Quick Facts Within All My Thoughts…” Mainly because there are too many articles out there that are too lengthy and uninteresting to read for everyday people who aren’t in the solar field. There are words only “solar people” will understand. I want to make this a friendly read… View Article

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