Quality Policy

Buskowitz Finance Inc. is committed to the continuous improvement of its services and solutions, achieving client satisfaction by delivering consistent quality of service in its installation and distribution of solar photovoltaic systems. Through maintaining healthy relationships with suppliers, laborers, employees, and regulatory bodies, Buskowitz Finance Inc. consistently meets this commitment.

1.1. Organizational Roles, Responsibilities, Authorities, and Accountabilities

1.1.1. BFI shall ensure that the responsibilities and authorities of BFI personnel and the entire workforce, particularly those functions whose work may affect its QMS performance are clearly defined and documented.

1.1.2. Members of the QMS Working Committee are known by the employees.

1.1.3. Responsibilities and authorities are assigned to individuals to ensure that QMS requirements are integrated with their respective functions. Below is the organizational structure of BFI and the functional structure of its QMS.

1.1.4. The roles, responsibilities and authorities of the key functions in BFI are as follows:


Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

In addition to other management functions, assumes ultimate overall accountability for the whole QMS including:

  • The overall authorization of the QMS;
  • Establishing, implementing, and maintaining the Quality Policy;
  • Ensuring the availability of resources needed for the QMS; and
  • Directing the continual improvement of the QMS.
Management Review Team

At minimum, the Management Review Team (MRT) comprises of the CEO, Lead Auditor, and the Document Control Custodian. The MRT is responsible in conducting the second-tier periodic review of the management system, particularly in:

  • Reviewing the suitability, adequacy, and effectiveness of the QMS, including the continuing suitability of the Quality Policy;
  • Defining the directions and areas of QMS-related policies, objectives, programs, and standards; and
  • Reviewing, and where applicable, approving the QMS-related final deliverables.
  • Keeping the most updated version of the QMS and initiating changes if needed.
Lead Auditor

The LA has the overall responsibility in ensuring that the management system is systematically established implemented, maintained, and continually improved. Specifically responsible for:

  • Leading the ISO working team;
  • Overseeing the company-wide QMS documentation and deployment;
  • Overall promotion and communication of the QMS and its requirements throughout the company, including project sites;
  • Preparing/updating the QMS Policy Manual for review and approval of the CEO;
  • Organizing and management the Internal QMS Audit Team;
  • Providing updates to the Management Team on the company’s overall QMS compliance;
  • Taking and preparing minutes during the second tier management reviews of the QMS;
  • Ensuring the integrity of the QMS is maintained when changes to the management system are planned and implemented; and
  • Liaising with external parties and other functions on all issues concerning the company’s QMS such as technical assistance, certification, etc.
ISO Working Team

Composed of Lead Auditor, DCC, and representatives from the departments, mainly responsible in facilitating the establishment, implementation, maintenance, and continual improvement of the management system, compliant with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 Standard. Each representative shall be in charge in his or her respective area with regard to:

Organization’s Context

  • Determination and updating of internal and external issues

Needs and Expectations of Interested Parties

  • Determination and updating needs and expectations (requirements) of interested parties.

Compliance Obligation

  • Identification, updating, and evaluation of compliance obligations

Risks and Opportunities Assessment

  • Identification, action planning, and evaluation of risks and opportunities

Documentation and Implementation of QMS

  • Preparation and review and where necessary, revision of management system documentation including implementation in their respective areas.

Training, Promotion and Communication

  • Promotion of the QMS and its initiatives and requirements in BFI; and
  • Conducting orientation on the QMS and its requirements among employees and other personnel

Monitoring, Measurement, Analysis, and Evaluation

  • Establishing of quality objectives and programs and in monitoring their implementation and progress;
  • Collection, consolidation, and analysis of quality performance parameters relevant in their respective area; and
  • Ensuring calibration and/or verification of monitoring and measuring equipment owned and used in the company
Document Control Custodian

Mainly responsible in:

  • Updating of the QMS-related documents, i.e., QMS Policy Manual, Risks and Opportunities, Quality Objectives, Quality Policy, etc. – everything that will not fall under a specific Process Head.
  • Keeping the master copies of the QMS documents;
  • Keeping a record of communication to and from internal and external sources except those specific to certain departments;
  • Taking and preparing minutes during Management Reviews and ISO Working Team meetings;
  • Keeping records of communication to and from internal and external sources and monitoring actions taken and status of the same.
Other Staff/Members

Mainly responsible in:

  • Implementing QMS specific procedures and instructions according to set policies and standards of BFI; and
  • Communicating through relevant channels any concern or suggestions for the continual improvement of the QMS.