Seven Jobs of the Future

Seven Jobs of the Future : 2020 and Beyond

What are some of the jobs of the future?

“Look around you. Everything changes. Everything on this earth is in a continuous state of evolving, refining, improving, adapting, enhancing…changing.” – Steve Maraboli

In the recent years, there have been three emerging industries that continue to change the game: the digital, sustainability, and artificial intelligence sectors.

According to digital media expert Hootsuite, more than 4,388,000,000 global citizens are currently using the internet, as compared to the 3,010,000,000 users five years ago.

On the other hand, the call for a greener earth has created some of the fastest growing jobs with a demand for clean technology, renewable energy, sustainability consultants, and environmental economists, among others. This rapid increase, supports the United Nations’ goal to meet its Sustainable Development Program by 2030.

Finally, artificial intelligence professionals have increased by 100% since 2015, according to a report from Robotic Process Automation consultancy firm, UI path. In fact, recent news from TechRepublic shares that AI will replace 800,000,000 jobs by 2030. Listed are seven unique opportunities below:


1. Urban Agriculture Specialist

One of the eco jobs that may help industries affected by the climate crisis are Vertical Urban Growers. These modern farmers may have less arable land to create and sustain produce in the future. They reduce their carbon footprint by no longer transporting goods from a large commercial farm to the city, help insulate buildings against energy loss, and improve air quality.

A boom in indoor farming may also occur due to poor climate conditions. This will develop more Greenhouse Technicians and technology that will help preserve water, lengthen hours of sunlight using LED lighting, and play with CO2 levels to ensure that plants farmed indoors can live an optimized version of weather they require to live.

The developments in the urban agriculture industry will create a new breed of Green HVAC/R Technicians, who specialize in installing, maintaining, and repairing green-climate control systems. AI may eventually be programmed to take over and manage these tasks.


2. Living Design Developer

In the next ten years, the architecture and landscaping industry will see more Living Design Developers. An example of this rare breed of architects is seen in The Living Roof in the Golden Gate Park, which is home to 1.7 million plants specially suited to thrive in the climate of San Francisco. The 19,000 square-foot roof mimics the state’s topography and boasts of skylights that open and close throughout the day to light up the underground building. The Living Roof doesn’t trap heat like a traditional asphalt application, ensuring lesser use of air conditioning and other appliances.


3. Blockchain Developers

With the rise of cryptocurrency and technology, Blockchain Developers could be the future of financial services infrastructure. Being a large digital database, it has the power to revolutionize several industries, reduce waiting time, minimize costs, and increase accuracy.


4. Civil or Commercial Drone Pilot or Dispatcher

Civil or commercial drone pilots fly their equipment for a range of companies for varying purposes. With the demand of more engaging content on digital media, some industries require drones to take aerial photos and videos for marketing purposes. On the other hand, some enterprises hire freelancers for aerial surveillance. In the long run, artificial intelligence may be included in its software and may become another job that is lost to robotics.


5. Organ or Body Part Creator

Biology and 3D Printing work hand-in-hand in hopes of helping the long waiting list of organ donors. Experts from Harvard University’s Molecular and Cellular Biology department are currently researching how stem cells and 3D-printing could be used to grow organs on demand.


6. Mind Transfer Specialist or Memory Surgeon

A collaboration between neuroscience and AI sees the possibility of uploading the human mind to a computer. According to the neuroscience team from Columbia University, “Specialised computer chips could provide benefits such as telepathy, enhanced memory and paralysis treatments. Further, Memory Surgeons may be able to remove negative memories to treat depression and other psychological illnesses.”


7. AI Workers

Factories of the future will see tools and tasks being replaced by 3D, smart robots and virtual reality. According to Deputy Director of recruitment firm Hays, Oualid Hathrobi shares, “Robots will help workers get rid of tedious, repetitive tasks so they can focus on ones with high added value, such as designing and creating. Certain jobs are being threatened, but others will be created through robotics and digital uses. The idea of replacing humans by machines isn’t actually true, since humans and machines will be complementary. So in tomorrow’s working world, there’ll be industrial robots, but also software robots, doctor robots, and even robot-making robots.”

The future is full of endless possibilities and only time will tell what other opportunities lie ahead with the continued development in the digital, sustainability, and artificial intelligence industries.

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