Solar Energy in the Philippines Made Easy

In a country as bright and as sunny as the Philippines, having to pay to turn on lights seems counter-intuitive, and yet that is what every Filipino does day in and day out.  That is why we developed means to make solar photovoltaic technology easy to acquire; because we believe that solar energy in the Philippines should be made easy.

While we, as a company, support the outright purchase of solar energy systems simply because it means you will enjoy your maximum savings right away, we also believe that renewable energy solutions should be made available to all.  And if you don’t live near a geothermal plant, hydroelectric plant, or an area where wind energy is harnessed, chances are that you are hooked up to a power grid that runs on fossil fuels.  Not only does this mean your daily life contributes to a growing global pollution problem, but it also means that you are probably paying more than you should for electricity.

The development of BOLT, the build-operate-lease-transfer program, addresses the issue of not being able to pay for a system outright.  It means the system is paid for over time by what is saved. Simply put: if you are paying Php10,000 per month for electricity and after having installed solar panels you save Php 3,000 each month, then that Php 3,000 in savings goes towards paying for the solar energy system.  While it takes just a little longer for a person or institution to start putting those savings in their pocket, the point is that once the system is paid for, the full benefits of solar energy can be enjoyed for two to two-and-a-half decades to come.

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Posted on September 5, 2018

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