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Summer Energy Conservation Hacks for your Home

Summer is officially here and what better way to kick-start the season of the sun with 3 simple energy conservation hacks for your home.


  1. Maintain your air conditioners

    Aircon all day? No problem! You can still save more this summer by regularly cleaning the filters and condensers of your cooling equipment. Did you know you could save up to PHP 100 off your monthly electricity bill by routinely cleaning your aircon weekly?


  3. Turn off your devices when not in use

    We all have that bad habit of leaving our computers, gaming consoles, and TVs on all day, now that we work at home. Did you know that turning off one (1) lightbulb for 6 hours guarantees an approximate saving of PHP 20 per month? Imagine the savings you could get when you turn off all your lights at home


  5. Use your favorite water tumbler

    By using a tumbler and ice for your drinks instead of cooling them in the fridge, this will provide one less reason for you to open your refrigerator. Did you know that every time you open your refrigerator you lose about 30% of cool air? That’s about an added cost of Php 6 per month!

Stay tuned for more big or small energy conservation hacks to save more while at home this summer. Of course, you can always choose to invest in clean energy, and make the shift to power your home with the power of the sun.
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