Summer Sale

Summer is officially here, and for a tropical country like the Philippines, this season is filled with family get-togethers, out-of-town vacations, and a whole season of staying at home for some.

Although, looking back into the previous years, summer is the time we expect our electricity bills to peak. Since we will be using more of our air conditioning, refrigerators, and other appliances that link to cooling,.

Fortunately, there are several ways to lessen your electricity bills, such as by optimizing your air conditioning’s temperature, using energy-efficient appliances, or making the switch to solar. And as a way to welcome this summer season, Buskowitz Energy is extending an up to 15% discount to all signature Solar Home packages from March 10, 2024, to March 13, 2024.

The product lines with discounts are as follows:

Solar Home Lite: PHP 253,300

Solar Home: PHP 335,750

Solar Home Plus: PHP 463,250

Solar Home Max: PHP 545,700

Our packages consist of A-tier materials from solar panels, inverters, mounting, and accessories, paired with one of the best services from the solar engineering team. Prices are subject to change as delivery fees apply outside of Metro-Manila.

Spark a conversation with one of our solar experts at or call +63 936 7672 732 to experience a life powered by the sun with Buskowitz Energy’s signature Solar Home Packages.

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